Do You Want to Write for Baseball Reflections?

Baseball Reflections is looking for a few more writers. Even though we cannot pay for these articles it does not come without benefits.

First, as a writer for Baseball Reflections, we will add your blog to our blogroll.

Second, you will get your own “About the Author” section above every post where we could provide you with a backlink or two to your blog or profile of your “other” writing.

Third, if you agree to write for Baseball Reflections on a weekly basis (column) then we will provide a graphical link of about 300×100 (height can be negotiated) on our right sidebar about the Stub Hub advertising in addition to the previous two benefits.

We will now allow for multiple writers to cover the same team as long as they are not posting on the same topic or scheduled to post on the same day.

We are also open to new idea/angles for weekly columns or other regularly scheduled articles.

We are also looking for book and movie reviews just so long as they are of the baseball variety.

All submitted articles will be submitted to the content director fr editing and approval. Not every article will be posted, but then again we haven’t turned anyone away yet. We do not allow articles on gambling or betting and we do not believe in adding any racy imagery in attempt to gain traffic.

Any further details can be asked by e-mailing me at

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  1. Josh Bennett

    December 30, 2009 at 12:23 pm

    hey this the turkster from stumbleupon, and i would love to do this, if not anything atleast give it a try, just let me know something

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