Akadema’s Prodigy Series Youth Baseball Gloves

Prodigy Design Series AOZ 91, For players ages 9-13

Anyone who has followed my writing closely from the start or who happens to know me personally should know that I am a HUGE Ozzie Smith fan! His Cardinals number is on my HS class ring as my favorite position to play in HS was SS. So, when I found out that he worked in conjunction with Akadema I got excited…then I found out it was to design a kid’s glove series (ages 9-13). That’s cool and all, but I wanted an Ozzie Smith design of my own…oh well. 🙂

Anyway, back to the gloves…

Even though Christmas is over, baseball season is right around the corner! Spring Training starts in about six weeks and little leagues (depending on what part of the country you live) can’t be too far behind. So, if you know a young all star in need of a new glove designed by an All Star Hall of Famer, then you need to follow the links provided and purchase your little gold glover a Prodigy Glove by Ozzie Smith and Akadema! You’ll be glad you did!

The Reptilian The AOZ 91

The AOZ 91 : 11.25″ Youth Reptilian®.  B-hive web, open back with Grasp Clasp System, deep pocket.  Ozzie Smith Signature Glove.  Akadema’s Prodigy Design Series has quickly gained a reputation as the benchmark in quality and design for serious youth ballplayers.  Made with a combination of Akadema’s US Steerhide and exclusive AkademaLyte leather, the Prodigy Design Series is both light and durable.  Hand-crafted for a quick and easy break-in period, the Prodigy Design Series also uses the Akadema Grasp Clasp wrist system, making the glove more manageable for today’s youth ballplayer.

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