Mark McGwire’s PED Admission: How Truthful Was it?

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The Admission

The other day, former A’s and Cardinals slugging first baseman “finally” admitted to using steroids back in his playing days. But, he only admitted to using them as a health benefit to help him keep from his body breaking down and keep him in the game. He believes in his heart that his steroid usage did not affect his power numbers.

On Former Teammate Jose Canseco

He also stated that Jose Canseco’s recount of them injecting each other in clubhouse stalls before games is false and that he won’t stoop down to Jose’s level. The attached video interviews below are of both McGwire and Canseco the day after McGwire’s interview the day before with Bob Costas.

Former Manager, Tony LaRussa

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It has been reported that LaRussa first found out about McGwire’s PED use was last week, when his former player called him on the phone and told him. A fact that Canseco does not seem to believe and neither do I. I am sure that the phone call happened, but my guess is that Mac was telling his current boss about what he was going to do and say rather than telling him something new. I fully believe that LaRussa knew about Canseco and McGwire’s PED use.

Final Thoughts

My question is who do you believe? Canseco or McGwire/LaRussa? I may not think that Canseco has the best interests in doing all of this and I think it’s vindictive of him, but can anyone tell me where he has been wrong on who did or didn’t use PED’s? He’s been the most accurate person to date in that regard! I just wish it was coming from someone with some remorse for what it has done to the game of baseball. Canseco seems to be proud of his involvement with steroids and it’s use in baseball. Again I ask, what do you think?

To read more on this, please read the article on (Information from ESPN‘s Willie Weinbaum and The Associated Press was used in this report).

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