Baseball Reflection’s Affiliation with Amazon

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As some of you have noticed, we have joined the Amazon affiliate program some time ago. What you may not know is what’s available through Baseball so this post is here to tell you just that!

For starters, you can view and purchase from our aStores which is where you can find pages upon pages of books and movies on baseball (documentaries, biographies, etc.) as well as baseball gear and apparel. This aStores can be found above our logo on the right or at the links in this post.

Over on the right sidebar you will find a carousel of my top 10 picks of baseball books. Across the page from that on the left sidebar you will find a carousel of Alyssa Milano’s MLB Touch line of clothing. If you scroll down from there on the left you will find two more carousels. The first are my top 10 picks from the up and coming Akadema brand of gloves, bats and more followed by a list of some of my favorite baseball movies further down that left sidebar.

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