Top 10 Fantasy LF of 2009

Brewers LF Ryan Braun Photo by Icon SMI

Brewers LF Ryan Braun Photo by Icon SMI

These weekly posts of mine have been based on a rotisserie format using a traditional 5×5 scoring system to keep things simple.

Personally I prefer more statistics in my leagues (which is why I was the commissioner in one of my leagues), but in order to reach the most readers we will just stick with the basic. But, feel free to either e-mail me or leave a comment in this post if you have specific questions. If I don’t reply to the comment, then ping me in an e-mail, too!

We will go around the horn in this series after skipping the pitcher’s position.

And remember, just because a player had a good fantasy season in 2009, it doesn’t mean he will have another one in 2010 and beyond. Sometimes you need to look into the player’s past and see if he is showing signs of decline over a few years.

Please Note: The 5×5 stats listed below are as follows in this order Runs/HR/RBI/SB/Ave and the number in parenthesis is the player’s age

10 — Carlos Lee (33) Astros


To be honest, I’m not a big Carlos Lee fan, but he is consistent. He is also consistently injured about once a year or it t least seems that way. If you need 20-30 HR and 100+ RBI than Lee is your guy.

9 — Jason Kubel (27) Twins; Also qualifies at DH and RF


If we can expect Kubel to hit like this on a regular basis then he becomes as valuable as he is versatile. Another 25+ HR with 100+ RBI

8 — Denard Span (25) Twins; Also qualifies at CF and RF


This leadoff hitter won’t hit for power like Hall of Famer Rickey Henderson or steal as many bases but every fantasy team needs a 90+ runs, 20+ steals guy who can hit .300. You gotta like that he can play all three OF positions, too.

7 — Johnny Damon (35) Yankees


I think this is what you get out of a motivated player who can withstand the heat in a contract year, but don’t count on it every year except for the 100 runs scored and the .282 average.

6 — Shin-Soo Choo (26) Indians; Also qualifies at RF


I honestly don’t know much about Choo, but to be able to put up numbers like these on a team that was as bad as the 2009 Indians is very impressive.

5 — Jason Bay (30) Red Sox


Bay‘s average keeps him behind players like Lind, Holliday and Braun and is due to his annual slump that he always finds himself in. These slumps seem to last about a month, but when he’s on, he’s on fire!

4 — Carl Crawford (27) Rays


Crawford ranks so high here based upon his 60 steals, 96 runs scored and his .305 avaerage with a little touch of pop (15 HR).

3 — Adam Lind (25) Blue Jays; Also qualifies at DH


The number one guy when looking at just the DH position had a great year and should put up similar numbers for the next few years barring injuries. I am not surprised at all at these numbers from Lind, but I am a little surprised at how fast he was able to produce this way.

2 — Matt Holliday (29) A’s and Cardinals


If he played the whole season in St. Louis he may have scored 100 runs, hit 30 HR and maybe reached 120 RBI with an even better average than the .320 he ended up with. Oakland was not very good to Holliday, but Braun would have beat him out on stolen bases in the end.

1 — Ryan Braun (25) Brewers

Photo by Icon SMI

Photo by Icon SMI


Moving Braun to the OF from 3B was probably the best move the Brewers have made in some time as struggling in the field might have robbed Ryan from his concentration at the plate. He will be a force to be reckoned with at the plate for years to come.

Honorable Mentions:

Raul Ibanez (37) Phillies


Adam Dunn (29) Nationals; Also qualifies at 1B and RF


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  1. Brandon

    February 4, 2010 at 2:21 pm

    Good list, I agree with it, as far as keepers go I have Adam Lind, matt holliday, and Ryan Braun all on my team for last year. But my problem is I also have Grady sizemore, hanley ram, and Adrian Gonzalez. With 4 spots avail. Where would you put your $$

    • Peter Schiller

      February 4, 2010 at 2:47 pm

      Hi Brandon!

      First, thanks for the comment and for your question. It’s the first interaction, rather than your basic comment, I’ve had in a while & I hope this sparks more!

      Although I cannot be 100% confident with my thoughts here without knowing who the other keepers are on other teams, but I’ll give it my best shot. 🙂

      Ryan Braun is totally a keeper abover the others. After him I’d go with Hanley Ramirez due to his numbers at the SS position, because of that fact, some might price him higher than even Braun. Gonzalez is the real deal & becomes more valuable if he is traded at the deadline (which is almost definate given the talks all Hot Stove Season long) and he can easily hit 30 bombs with close to 100 RBIs in SD if he’s not traded (while hitting a respectable .280 or higher). So that’s 3 down with 1 more to go!

      I would leave off Lind as he doesn’t have the cache of a keeper & might still be easily had in a draft. With Sizemore, it all depends on how you think he will rebound from his injuries. Will he hit 30 HRs and steal 20 or more bases and what will his average be in 2010. With Holliday I’m not 100% sold on his ability to put up power numbers like he did in Coors field and I think the Cardinals overpaid for him in both years and money.

      So between Sizemore and Holliday it comes down to your opinion on how good Matt is outside of Coors & how Grady bounces back from injury. Either player is a risk and it depends upon what direction you want your team to go in (speed with power: Sizemore or power with a .300+ average: Holliday).

      I hope that answers your question thoroughly enoough. Let me know!

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