Top 10 Fantasy CF in 2009

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These weekly posts of mine have been based on a rotisserie format using a traditional 5×5 scoring system to keep things simple.

Personally I prefer more statistics in my leagues (which is why I was the commissioner in one of my leagues), but in order to reach the most readers we will just stick with the basic. But, feel free to either e-mail me or leave a comment in this post if you have specific questions. If I don’t reply to the comment, then ping me in an e-mail, too!

We will go around the horn in this series after skipping the pitcher’s position.

And remember, just because a player had a good fantasy season in 2009, it doesn’t mean he will have another one in 2010 and beyond. Sometimes you need to look into the player’s past and see if he is showing signs of decline over a few years.

Please Note: The 5×5 stats listed below are as follows in this order Runs/HR/RBI/SB/Ave and the number in parenthesis is the player’s age

10 — Cody Ross (28) Marlins; Also qualifies for RF


Ross is the least prolific base stealer on this list with only 5, but his 24 HR and 90 RBI gets him where he is today at #10.

9 — Marlon Byrd (31) Rangers; Also qualifies for LF


Like Ross, Byrd is NOT a base stealer, but his 20 HR, 89 RBI and .283 average gets him on this list at # 9.

8 — Nyjer Morgan (28) Pirates/Nationals; Also qualifies for LF


Morgan is the first on this list of the pure base stealers with 42 and that with his .314 average puts him at 8th, but he’d do better if he knocked in a few more runs.

7 — Franklin Gutierrez (26) Mariners


Gutierrez should have won a Gold Glove in CF, but this is based purely on offensive numbers. His are not spectacular, ut they are across the board consistent as you can see.

6 — Michael Bourn (26) Astros


What a bounce back year 2009 was for Bourne. Who can complain with the offense of a centerfielder that scores almost 100 runs while hitting .285 and stealing 61 bases? Hi lack of power  and RBIs keeps him from breaking into the top 5!

5 — Shane Victorino (28) Phillies


Not only a 2009 Gold Glover, but one who scored over 100 runs with 25 steals while maintaining a .292 average is a full package (minis more power) if you ask me.

4 — Torii Hunter (33) Angels


Torii is still a 20/20 threat as he just missed that feat in 2009, but coupled wit a .299 average and 90 RBI gets him to the 4th spot our list.

3 — Denard Span (25) Twins; Also qualifies for LF and RF


Span’s ability to play all three OF positions makes his ability to score nearly 100 runs and his 20+ stolen bases and .311 average make him a sound fantasy option unless you need power numbers.

2 — Jacoby Ellsbury (25) Red Sox; He will play LF in 2010


My personal favorite, “the human sparkplug” exceeded all expectations by stealing 70 bases while hitting an impressive .301 with 94 runs scored to boot. He actually stole home against the Yankees in 2009 and broke the all time Red Sox stolen base record previously held by Tommy Harper.

1 — Matt Kemp (24) Dodgers

LOS ANGELES, CA - MAY 09:  Matt Kemp #27 of th...
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Kemp has the best power numbers on this list at 26 HR and 101 RBI (the only CF here with 100+ RBI), then add to that his near 100 runs scored, his 34 stolen bases and a .297 average and you have yourself the # 1 ranked CF in 2009!

Honorable Mentions

Rajai Davis (28) A’s


Curtis Granderson (28) Tigers


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