Baseball Reflections 1st. Annual Pledge Drive

For the month of March we will be hosting our first annual pledge drive. The money this drive brings in will help pay for any administration or operational fees accrued during a normal year of running this blog.

Depending on how successful this initial pledge drive is, will determine if we can do some new things in 2010 like hire a weekly columnist, pay those who have loyally written for the site for a year, etc. So you, the Baseball Reflections readers, can help us to accomplish these important goals for 2010 in just one month.

I have looked into alternative programs that will allow people to donate to the pledge drive using both PayPal & Amazon, but for those who don’t feel safe using those please contact us directly at to discuss any alternatives offline.

After today we will post reminders in the evenings, providing updates to the progress of the pledge drive as well as adding reminders at the end of each post throughout the entire month.

Thank you in advance for your pledges! A successful pledge drive should help us to do things that will provide you all with a better Baseball Reflections experience.

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