Eri Yoshida Pitches for Tim Wakefield

Wakefield pitching for the Red Sox
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Here are some of the quotes from the knuckleballers from an article on where these videos came from by Michael Hurley entitled, “Tim Wakefield Offers Pitching Advice to 18-Year-Old Female Knuckleballer Eri Yoshiba“.

“I was very impressed,” Wakefield said. “It’s an honor to have somebody to carry on a knuckleball tradition, and someone who’s doing it because she likes what I do. It’s pretty cool to have somebody come over to the states from Japan … for her to come all the way to Fort Myers and watch me throw, it was an honor for me to just talk to her and give her some tips.”

“She told me she was self-taught, and this was the first time she’s actually had any coaching throwing a knuckleball,” Wakefield said. “So I kind of know where she’s at because I was there. When I first started throwing, nobody knew what to do. it’s pretty cool that I’m able to give back to somebody that wants to carry on the tradition of throwing a knuckleball.”

“I never thought I could ever feel this happy,” Yoshida said through an interpreter.

“I think both in terms of pitching technique and also the mental aspects of the game, he taught me a lot in a lot of great detail,” she said.

Here’s a video clip from that article:

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