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@ESPN_baseball: Source: Beckett eager to get deal wrapped up – [it would be great to get a Beckett deal done before the start of the season and have him, Lackey, Lester & Dice-K locked up with Buchholtz (sp) under team control for a while. What other team could boast a rotation like that under contract?]

@alexspeier:’s Lou Merloni says Nomar Garciaparra is signing a one-day minor-league deal with #redsox to retire as a member of the organization. And then later Tweeted: Nomar, after today’s presser to announce his retirement, will begin a career as a baseball analyst for ESPN. #redsox And again from Nomar’s good friend & former Teammate Lou Merloni: @loouu26 — on Nomar’s desire to bring his career full circle and retire as a member of the #redsox: Here’s even more: Lou says that Nomar had called Theo Epstein each of last couple years about playing again with #redsox.

@SI_JonHeyman: tony clark is the perfect choice for baseball players union director of player relations (what do you think? Who would be a better choice?)

@IanMBrowne (more on Nomar): Nomar will throw today’s first pitch to college and Red Sox teammate, Jason Varitek. AND…Nomar wearing white Red Sox jersey (yes, Number 5) and blue jeans. Carl Beane just announced what Fenway fans heard many times before, “The shortstop, Number 5, Nomar Garciaparra.” Now, he is in front of the mound, soaking in the applause. Now Tek comes out to catch it. And it’s a strike. He high-fived his two daughters on the way off the field.

@MLB_Monster: Nats C Flores may start season on DL (AP): Nationals catcher Jesus Flores is likely to begin the season on the di…

@Wally97: RT @RedSoxInsider: Check out Nomar’s press conference now on!

@RipkenBaseball: Watch as Cal & Bill discuss the “Action Ball” & the importance of preparing for anything on each and every pitch

@BattingStanceG: KungFuPanda RT:@briancromer What’s your favorite MLB nickname? I’d have to go with Aaron Harang – The Harang-a-tang. & Will Clark. Easy. RT:@MisterLucky13 In your opinion, who had the prettiest swing you’ve ever seen? (who would you say?) & Nomar & me.

@sbnbaseball: Royals UZR/150 Projections for the 2010 Season: More photos » …
(are these numbers on target?) & Floating Realignment: Major League Baseball isn’t an organization that is known for its willingness to change. Tha… & Happy Birthday Mike Timlin: More photos » K…

Adderall Is Baseball’s New Drug Problem, Says Doc, As Charges Fly In Player’s Divorce:

@NewbergReport (A Texas Rangers blog): Splitting Edwar Ramirez…and a trade idea:

@prorumors: Minnesota Twins Trade Rumors: Dealing Glen Perkins for Nathan replacement? #trades

@detroit_tigers: Detroit Tigers Links: Jim Leyland is impressed with Dontrelle Willis’ early performance

@SI_JonHeyman: great chatting with ken griffey jr. today. says his knees are healthy now. expect more from him. #mariners


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