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When I saw this contest and read the possible topics I thought it would be best to combine a few, show some versatility and have some fun with it while still providing my regular readers with some useful information. So here it goes…

When I asked myself why I would want to be a Lowell Spinners Scribe my initial reactions was an honest one, for the traffic and exposure it would provide my site. But that is selfish and is not my main goal for Baseball Reflections. Faithful followers of the site can attest to my desire to look for better ways to provide my readers with the best baseball blog I can muster visually, interactively and in content. My personal style is never too serious and I try to have a little fun while I’m at it. That’s what I like about minor league baseball and especially the Spinners. They are downright entertaining! It’s a fun family venue that engages the public and aims to provide them with the best possible product. As a husband and father I admire how they provide a family atmosphere in-between innings and it is also shows itself in how clean they keep the ballpark. Therefore, to have the privilege of having Baseball Reflections be associated, albeit for a brief time, with the Lowell Spinners would be something that fits into our mutual interests.

Now I admit that since the Spinners became affiliated with the hometown Red Sox, I have taken more of an interest in the team, but if it wasn’t for this link I wouldn’t have the ability to write about one of my favorite former Spinners at this point in the season given that he’s on the DL right now, former Spinners OF Jacoby “The Human Spark Plug” Ellsbury (former Spinners jersey # 24). Ellsbury only played one season in Lowell back in 2005, but while there he hit .317 with an OBP of .418 while stealing 23 bases in 26 attempts with 1 HR and 19 RBIs in 35 games scoring 28 runs. In the field he converted 61 out of 62 attempts for a .984 fielding % and a range factor per game (RF/G) of 2.26. What I like best about “The Human Spark Plug” is that he can affect the outcome of a game, throw off the other team’s concentration due to his awesome speed, base stealing and overall base running prowess. He can be a difference maker at the top of a line up that can be the cause of a pitcher making a bad pitch because he’s paying too much attention (and deservedly so) to Mr. Ellsbury. For example, if a pitcher makes the smallest of errors to Pedroia, Youkilis or anyone else in the Red Sox line up, the results can prove very costly and an early exit from the game. That is something we haven’t had on the Red Sox in a very long time (never in my viewing over the past 30+ years). This year I am eagerly awaiting to see if he can break the curse that seems to loom over all good defensive LF’ers and win a Gold Glove there in 2010 while Mike Cameron holds down the fort in center (once they both come off the DL).

For the rest of my online resume to become a Spinners Scribe, please check out my articles at my site, Baseball Reflections, especially my interviews (most interviews have been done by me with a few exceptions). Some of my interviews have included: Tommy John, Phillies RP Chad Durbin, female umpire Perry Lee Barber, etc.

If you are a Boston Sports Blogger, please consider going to the Boston Sports Blogapalooza at The Baseball Tavern on Sunday, May 2, 2010 from noon to 6pm. For more information or to RSVP, click HERE! I hope to see you there. If you go, please make sure to say hi!

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