The Braves’ Improbable Comeback

A pinch hit, walk-off grand-slam capped a 7 run 9th inning for the Braves as they beat the Reds 10 – 9.

How improbable was the Braves 6 run comeback Thursday night?  Lance Nix of the Reds couldn’t believe it. Brooks Conrad – who hit the home run – couldn’t believe it.  Besides it being the largest 9th inning deficit comeback ever for the Atlanta Braves, it was only the 2nd pinch hit grand slam to overcome a three run deficit in Major League history.  To put that into perspective there have been:

Perfect Games:                                                                   19

Unassisted Triple Play:                                                   15

Four Home Runs in a game:                                          15

Two Grand Slams in a game (same player):            13

Walk-off Pinch Hit Grand Slam:                                     2

These stats came from

This is the Braves’ third straight walk-off win.  For a team that has been looking UP at the Mendoza line most of the year, this must be encouraging.  The Braves may finally be playing up to their preseason expectations.

Editor’s Note: For those of you who missed Conrad’s Grand Slam, here it is…by the way I do not blame the pitcher, he made a good pitch that was tailing away from the batter off the plate, PLUS the outfielder (Laynce Nix) should have caught that ball! This wasted another great outing by SP Mike Leake!

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