Haarlem Baseball Week: The Upcoming Tournament in Amsterdam

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By Brendan Bisschop

AMSTERDAM – As of Friday, July 9 Haarlem is ten days in the sign of the silver jubilee of the Haarlem Baseball Week. This summer Haarlem still writes a piece of history in sport. From July the 9th to the 18th, the 25th edition will take place. It all started in 1961, and now almost 50 years later, the organization managed to bring into the Pim Mulier Stadium, six baseball teams to tie in the top 10 teams in the world.

Venezuela will be the first mainland of South America represent an at Haarlem Baseball Week and is the 17th national team takes part in the event. However, Venezuela is no stranger to Haarlem. She played four games in 2009 in Haarlem during the second round of the Baseball World Cup. The team qualified for the final round and finished, after gains on Chinese Taipei at the seventh spot, a position in the Netherlands. In 1986, Venezuela participated in the World Cup held in the Netherlands and even then, the game was played at Orange in Haarlem. The other five participants are Japan, Cuba, USA (winner 2008), Chinese Taipei and the Netherlands. The ‘other’ Orange is this year under the leadership of Jim Stoeckel. The American is preparing to Haarlem with his team at the European Championship on 23 July in Germany starts and Intercontinental Cup in Taiwan in October.

Finally, in the first weekend of the Baseball Week is also the final weekend of the World Cup in South Africa. The battle at the third place (July 10) and the grand final (July 11) are exactly equal to the Baseball Week. But no worries because the organization has found something on. President Frits Mulder, “We know that among the thousands Baseball Week fans we football fans have and we have our games pushed forward so that everyone in the evening on time for the tube to sit for the final two games of the World Cup. And heck I personally think also nice to see if the Netherlands so far ed “A jubilee anniversary as the Baseball Week course with various activities to celebrate. One of them was Jubilee Book. The organization has over the past years have been busy for almost 50 years Week Baseball history into book form. Soon the first copies of the roll presses and can be said that there is a great collectors item for baseball fans. Everyone knows the famous Great Forest Atlas, now it is the anniversary book will soon be compared. An almost 170 page book with wonderful stories interspersed with photo reports from the old box.


Cuba, like Japan, Cuba has become a regular guest of the Haarlem Baseball Week, for the participation of this year for the Central Americans on the eighth row. In 1972, Cuba for the first time. The spectators who were there then, still speak admiringly about the players of yesteryear. Cuba dominated the then classified into two pools tournament with an absolute key to the spectacular arm of left fielder Armando Capiro.

Japan is this year not only for the eleventh time in, but also takes the tenth time in a row participating in the Haarlem Baseball Week. 1978 was the first time and won the tournament was also similar. Then it took until 1992 before again returning to the Asians, but since then they have them every time. This resulted in 1992 and 1994 again in tournament earnings,

Netherlands The Dutch baseball team, which last year was sixth at the World Cup is obviously the only team with all 24 previous Haarlem Baseball Weeks participated. Until 2004 Orange ended up in second place eight times, but six years ago, it finally hit, the first place! Two years later, the Netherlands and another hollow then won again the HHW. In 2008 the Netherlands had to settle for fifth place, their lowest since 1982. Led by new manager Jim Stoeckel Orange will have the anniversary edition of course everything to make it change it. .

Chinese Taipei Chinese Taipei in 1984 was the first to Haarlem and now again for the ninth time participating in the Haarlem Baseball Week. Asians were also present in 1988, 1990, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006 and 2008. Two years ago, in 2008, experienced the highest ranking ever Chinese Taipei, third place. In previous editions, the team finished in fourth place five times and twice in sixth position. At the World Cup last year, Chinese Taipei had to settle for eighth place after a 6-3 defeat against Venezuela. The HHW is for the Asians is time for revenge. .

USA For the sixth time a team takes in the Haarlem Baseball Week part that plays under the name Team USA. In 1982, the U.S. national team for the first time present in Haarlem. That team, loaded with future Major League players, then prepared himself for the World Cup in South Korea and won the HHW. Then it took 18 years before there will be a Team USA would travel to Haarlem, but then there was participation in 2000, 2002, 2006 and 2008. With the exception of 2006 when a regional All Star team played under the name Team USA, won the American formation of HHW each. Last year won the national football team of the United States the world in Italy.

Editor’s Note: The following video is of the 2008 USA team!

Venezuela Venezuela will be the first mainland of South America represent an at Haarlem Baseball Week and is the 17th national team which takes part in the event. However, Venezuela is no stranger to Haarlem. She played four games in 2009 in the Pim Mulier Stadium during the second round of the Baseball World Cup. The team qualified for the final round and finished, after gains on Chinese Taipei at the seventh spot.


Netherlands in World Cup debut in Venezuela, the Dutch women’s baseball team debut this year at the world. The world championship for women will be held from Thursday 12 to Sunday, August 22 games in three cities in Venezuela. Orange is up against eleven other countries including the United States, Japan and the Dominican Republic. This is by Dutch women’s team put a big step. Author: Rogier van Zon

In 2000, the first international baseball games played by women. It was the beginning of a new development in recent years is driven more by the world league baseball IBAF. With a view to an eventual return to the Olympic program gives more attention to the IBAF women’s baseball. This resulted in 2004 in the first world championship. Edmonton in Canada, five countries participated in the World Cup. Two years later, this figure had risen to eight countries. This year, twelve national teams participating in the World Cup. The Netherlands is also the party. This satisfaction of the organization: “They find it awesome that a team of our country participating,” says Ivette initiator of Putten.

In preparation is the team have experience as trainers league Michiel van Kampen, Rob Cordemans, Berry van Donselaar and Ronald de Bont. Also advice can be sought from former Major Leaguer Robert Eenhoorn. Fixed trainer Percy Isenia force during the World Cup as coach, Ronald Jaarsma is assistant coach.

It is not the first time that the women’s team plays at a world championship. Last year the selection played during the World Cup men’s baseball exhibition game in Rotterdam. Meanwhile, developments in the Netherlands also not escaped abroad. Dutch women’s baseball team at Tiffany Brooks’s greatest supporter. Brooks was the same last month, the first American woman in this century, as a professional baseball contract was signed.

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