What Did I Miss?

OK. It’s been over a month since I last posted. I’ll blame it on computer issues (including the fact that I erased everything on my hard drive). Now that I’ve recovered, what did I miss?

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Phillies Caught Cheating

In the best tradition of the ’51 Giants, the Mets claimed that Phillies bullpen coach Mick Billmeyer was using binoculars to steal signs. Although they denied it, the Phillies went on a bender posting a mediocre 20-24 record since then and dropping out of first place. Meanwhile the Mets went on a winning  spree and passed the Phillies in the standings. Maybe the club should install a miniature high resolution optical device on the bill of Billmeyer’s cap so as not to be detected.

Goodbye Junior

It is with great remorse that we see one of the greatest players of his generation quit during the season and at the end of an unfortunate incident when an insolent teammate told a reporter that he was napping during a game. Hey, he deserved it. In fact, the club should grant access to the locker room for him so he can be in the arms of Morpheus whenever he wants. If only he were healthy the past ten years who knows how many home runs he would’ve hit.

Here’s a video tribute to Jr.

Jim Joyce and The Tigers….Story of the Year

No matter what happens the rest of the season nothing will top the amazing fallout over a blown call that cost the Tigers’ Armando Gallarraga a perfect game. Umpire Jim Joyce made an unprecedented act of contrition in public and was genuinely remorseful. Gallarraga also conducted himself in a fashion that was laudable. A gentle smile of disbelief was all the emotion he exuded. This was an amazing story because this act of sportsmanship all around is too rare in today’s competitive environment. Ed Rapuano is one umpire who should’ve taken notes on how to conduct himself. He’s the one who walked out to the mound and challenged Brewers’ pitcher Dave Bush recently. This was an exhibit of outrageous self-importance. He forgot the main rule regarding umpires—they should heard but not seen.

Here’s the video of the blown call…

Is The Cure Finally Here?

Well the Brewers finally jettisoned Jeff Suppan thus saving your loyal blogger a few more tirades. If you read a post last year, you’ll recall that he was the carrier of the dreaded chronic inflammation of the suck, a condition that was contagious. Most of the pitching staff was infected one way or another. Hopes of eradication were dashed in the opening week this year. In fact it seemed to become more virulent by even taking Trevor Hoffman down. Even now Hoffman is still on the road to recovery. Could it be a remarkable coincidence that since Suppan’s departure the staff has shown some sharp improvement?

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