Haarlem Baseball Week Updated: 3 Games In

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Good Morning, after several days of many calls and mail, has finally clarified the participation of Venezuela in the 25th Haarlem Baseball Week. Saturday revealed that the team still in the capital Caracas, and that insurmountable difficulties were about obtaining visas for Porto Rico. The Venezuelan team was in Puerto Rico, adjacent to the Baseball Week tournament play. The problems with the visas, the team will not go to Haarlem come to participate in this edition of the Baseball Week. The organization is very disappointed in how all this is gone but has since spoken with other participants and presented them to the new match schedule. They have this very well received and continue what they have come …. winning the anniversary edition. A response from President Frits Mulder on the do not come from Venezuela, Sunday morning live on Radio Baseball Week just after 9.00 pm. Through this www.honkbalweek.nl samples.

9/7/2010 14:00u USA Chinese Taipei 3 1
9/7/2010 19:00u Cuba Japan 6 0
10/7/2010 11:30u USA Japan 2 4
10/7/2010 16:00u Netherlands Chinese Taipei 1 0
11/7/2010 11:30u USA Cuba 4 7
11/7/2010 16:00u Japan Netherlands 0 5
2/7/2010 14:00u Chinese Taipei Cuba
12/7/2010 19:00u Netherlands USA
13-07-2010 14:00u Chinese Taipei Japan
13-07-2010 19:00u Netherlands Cuba
14-07-2010 14:00u Japan Cuba
14-07-2010 19:00u Chinese Taipei Netherlands
15-07-2010 14:00u Cuba Chinese Taipei
15-07-2010 19:00u USA Netherlands
16-07-2010 14:00u Japan Chinese Taipei
16-07-2010 19:00u Cuba USA
17-07-2010 14:00u Chinese Taipei USA
17-07-2010 19:00u Netherlands Japan
18-07-2010 11:00u Japan USA
18-07-2010 15:00u Cuba Netherlands
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  1. Steven

    July 13, 2010 at 5:44 pm

    Hi there! thanks for giving our premier baseball tournament in The Netherlands some international attention. With a line-up consisting of the national teams from Cuba, USA, Taiwan, Japan and the Netherlands we deserve that attention! Just watched the game between Cuba and The Netherlands tonight and boy did I have a ball 🙂 Take care, Steven

  2. Brendan

    July 18, 2010 at 2:41 pm

    Hi there Peter.

    Holland just won the 25st Haarlemse Baseball week. Danny Rombly was the MVP.
    KInd Regard Brendan. Im having my hollidays.

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