Come On Down!

It’s that time of year again — time to play “The Price Is Right”.

Let’s meet our contestants (records are at beginning of play on 7/21):


This contestant is a regular each year. They like to bid high and will aggressively pursue anyone their heated rival from Boston does. This year they need some bullpen help to get to Mo. The combined ERA of the current bullpen is nearly 4.00 only because of Rivera’s sparkling 0.98. but getting a quality reliever at this time of year is nearly impossible.  Look for the Yankees to fold unless they can get any player for a reasonable price like veterans to help bolster the bench


Pitching is not a problem with this contestant. They need to be more consistent and avoid long losing streaks. There’s indication that they are interested in another productive hitter and may bid at a reduced price with the plan to play them for just the rest of the season.


This club has to be considered a disaster zone with the number of players who need medical attention. If all return healthy, and that’s a big IF, they will be set for the rest of the competition. But they have a history of showing up at this game and are usually an active contestant with deep pockets so some sort of bid will be made if only to bolster the club until the medical ward is empty.

The second team of contestants are:


They were one of the big winners last year getting Jake Peavy to waive his no-trade clause. Their recent hot streak has bolstered their confidence like a player at a craps table. They will be rollin’ ‘em.


There is no indication that they are going to bid even though they are in desperate need of starting pitching. They held fast last year and won the division and are probably hoping for more of the same. They will likely bluff by feigning interest in a player or two.


Speaking of pitching. They better show up with a pile of cash for that’s what it will take to improve a rotation that beyond Justin Verlander has been hideous. They will need to offer an Austin Jackson or Brendan Boesch in packages, something that they will most likely be reluctant to do. This contestant will play if they see something worth bidding on.

The next team has only two players.


This is their year so expect them to show up and only observe. They already won the bid for Cliff Lee, so why bid on anything you don’t need? Besides, this player is bankrupt.


Two glaring holes one a first base and the other starting pitching will force the club usually comfortably in first by now to place bids just to keep up with the Rangers. If they fail to win any of their bids they will get nothing more than a consolation prize.

The next team of contestants is also a bit short.


This perennial player has competition from an unlikely source this year and usually makes some winning bids. This year they need some bench players and a back of the rotation guy. Look for them to at least win one of their bids.


This surprise player usually is a donator rather than a player. But with confidence sky high and only one team to beat expect the bidding to begin especially since this contestant has a stellar history of making one shrewd move a year (Scott Rolen)

There will be heated bidding among the next team of contestants.


With the best record in their league this player wants to desperately win one last time for their revered manager. They already pulled some moves before the final show so they may not be aggressive bidders.


Always a threat to place a high bid, this player will win something of value although skeptics always think that it’s never enough no matter how many winning bids they place. But. Alas, these are not the Cubs…close to it but…nah.


Used to winning, this player will not go down without trying. They have the backing to place high bids and quite possibly be a donator as well.

The last team of bidders:


This player rarely makes the final round so look for them to show their inexperience. They will bring resources, act like a serious bidder but then fold when they realize they can’t compete with the high rollers.


Look for this player to bid on some lumber. With a few more wood wielding hitters, they can make the finals.


They reluctantly show up each year but will most likely sit on their stash. Like the Twins, they have a strong mantra, one which believes that the best bid is the one never made.

So What Will They Bidding On?

These are among the prizes they will be bidding on with more probably added during the showcase round.

Ben Sheets            – multiple bids

Dan Haren            – multiple bids

Roy Oswalt          – Philadelphia ready to

outbid anyone

Jeremy Guthrie     –some bids,

maybe St Louis

Jayson Werth        – Rays

Prince Fielder       – White Sox ready to                                 outbid anyone

Lance Berkman    –  some bids Yankees                                  Giants, Angels

Jhonny Peralta       – Yankees

Wes Helms            – Yankees

Scott Downs          – Mets,Yankees,                                                     Tigers, Red Sox

Octavio Dotel        – Mets, Phillies, Tigers

Jose Bautista         – Tigers, Giants,                                                    White Sox, Braves

Ty Wigginton        – a few bids

David DeJesus      – Mets

Jake Westbrook     – not much action asking                                      bid will be too high.

Derek Lee             – Angels

Ted Lilly               – multiple bids

So, who among these contestants will be the big winner?
Bidding ends on July 31st and we will review the results,


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