Newly Aquired Phillies Pitcher Roy Oswalt Plays LF Against Former Team

…While Phillies Regular LF Raul Ibanez Moves to 1B

Back on Tuesday night in an extra inning game between the Philadelphia Philles and the Houston Astros something special happened. In a move that you don’t see that often anymore, due to Phillies All Star first baseman Ryan Howard‘s ejection, former Astros starting pitcher Roy Oswalt was called upon to play LF moving left fielder Raul Ibanez to 1B where he’s played over 100 games in his career (just not recently).

The thought process goes something like this…when a lefty is up to bat, the pitcher plays in left field as a left handed hitter will usually pull the ball into RF. Then when a righty comes up to bat you would switch him with your right fielder as most right handed hitters will pull the ball into LF.

But as fate would have it, on the first pitch of the inning, the left handed batter took one the opposite way, but right at Oswalt who barely had to move! The pitcher made a textbook two-handed catch for the putout and the phans at Citizen’s Bank Park in Philadelphia went nuts! Here’s the video…

Later in the same inning another left handed batter tried to take advantage of his speed and of the out of position Ibanez by dragging a bunt down the 1B line and the video below will show you how that went…remember, this game is in extra innings…

Please share any memories you may have of moves made like this in the comments section below! Thank you…

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