My Plan for Getting In Shape for the 2011 Baseball Season

Vibro-belt System

The good people over at CSN Stores asked me to do a review of one of the products that they sell at one of their stores. Given my performance or better yet, my lack of mobility in the field playing baseball this year after a 21 year layoff, I decided to go with the Vibro-belt System. Yes, the one you saw on TV just like I did! Yes, I too am skeptical that it will work. That is why I choose to do it! …but if it does work even a little like it says it does on TV it will be worth the risk (I hate doing negative product reviews).

I figured that the Vibro-belt System (a physical fitness product) was a better choice to do a review seeing that my site is all about baseball rather than doing a review on kitchen tables, one of their other products.

I should be getting the Vibro-belt System in about a week or so from this post & it has a 30 day guarantee so I should have my review ready no less than at the end of October. It works your abs, calves, back, thighs and comes with a users manual, nutritional guide & an instructional CD (that is not a DVD I am told). This is not a machine that contracts your muscles, it simply vibrates on top of the skin and does not make the muscles contract and release.

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