It was 59 years ago that Russ Hodges called “The Shot Heard Around the World”.

His impromptu and repeated cry of “The Giants Win the Pennant!” has become legendary in broadcasting lore. It was selected as the second best sports casting moment of all time by a Sports Illustrated columnist. (Can you guess which call was No. 1?)

This will be the Giants 4th trip to the World Series since the club moved west in 1959.  They have lost the earlier three – 1962 to the Yankees, 1989 to the Athletics in the “earthquake series” and 2003 to the rally monkey Angels. You have to go back  56 years before the Giants won their last World Series in 1954 when they played in a ballpark that resembled a horse shoe with a name that reflected equine activity – the Polo Grounds. This monstrosity had bullpens in the outfield, ridiculously short distances along the foul lines, a center field that was so far away you would need a potato gun to hit the ball over and a clubhouse in deep center field that was in play. Yes the players had to walk down the stairs and stroll along the length the field to get to the clubhouse.

The Center Field Clubhouse

The Infamous Polo Grounds

Then there are the Rangers, offspring of an expansion team that was so bad even Ted Williams couldn’t make them win. When the original Washington Senators set forth for the land of sky blue waters in 1961, baseball rushed to put another team in the nation’s capitol. Thus sprung the Washington Senators, Jr. formed in 1961 with one winning season in 11 years and four straight 100-loss seasons. When even the Congressmen gave up their seating perks, ownership decided to head west.


This year the progeny of these two franchises meet for baseball’s greatest event.

Since Saturday, all the game’s “experts” have analyzed everything from the Texas heat to the Bay Area winds trying to predict the winner. Will Vlad Guerrero finally swing at a strike?

He Never Saw a Pitch He Didn’t Like

Will Cliff Lee continue to dominate?

Will Tim Lincecum cut his hair?

Will Buster Posey wake up from his dream and become merely mortal?

Buster Posey — A Dream Season

Will Bruce Bochy out-manage Ron Washington?

Will Barry Zito at least suit up?

Will Colby Lewis wake up to reality?

Will Elvis Andrus continue to use Toby Keith as his English tutor – “How Do You Like Me Now?

I don’t want to predict anything. These teams are about as evenly matched as can be.

I’m sure Fox is disappointed that there is no team from the almighty eastern seaboard represented, where, supposedly, viewers populate the ratings. Gee, will Fox have to give advertisers “make goods” because no team from Boston, New York and Philadelphia is playing? Their motto, of course, is “If It’s West, It’s Not the Best”.

They’ll be doing other things. The people in Boston will discuss Tom Brady’s hair style, fans in Philadelphia will practice their booing at Eagles and Sixers games. Fans in New York will argue over whether mighty Fordham could beat Columbia.

October baseball this year will be played in a moderate climate so we probably won’t see the unbecoming hoodies unless the Bay Breeze at night engulfs the stadium.

And please Fox, no shots of Barry Bonds! I don’t care if he is at the game or not. Mr. Bonds seat should be in the prison lounge.

Well, I predict the Rangers in seven. Why? I like them more, that’s why.

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