The Giants First World Series Victory in San Fransisco

Congratulations to all SF fans…

Ace SP Tim Lincecum photo by Icon SMI

This must have been a close series MVP race between Renteria and Lincecum! If Renteria actually does retire, what a way to go!

I was also impressed with the post season play of rookie catcher Buster Posey and OF Cody Ross who was a waiver wire pick up! The Giants pitching was just outstanding and in the end, they just beat the silent Ranger bats.

I would have liked this series to have gone 7 games and I am surprised that the first few games weren’t closer, but in the end, I think this series was better for baseball than a Phillies/Yankees rematch!

Here’s some video from on the Giants 2010 World Series victory!

And here are the Giants World Series stats brought to you by

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