Potential Free Agent Signings for the Red Sox

The Position Players

Here’s a list of the only worthy players (in my opinion) that the Red Sox should consider for either 1B/3B or in the OF. The spreadsheet below lists the player’s age and whether or not he is a type A or B free agent.

I would have considered Pena if he did not hit so poorly (for average) last year & I don’t think that Troy Glaus is durable enough for a whole season. Even though Beltre recently stated that he’d like to return, I don’t think the Sox will give him the number of years he’s looking for. I think that with Werth’s terrifying RISP numbers, I would hope that they don’t sign him as I see him as going to be vastly overpaid despite his solid defense (he has a great arm & can play all 3 positions in the OF), good baserunning, but he has only hit 30 HR & 100 RBI once in his career in a hitter-friendly park in Philly. I also don’t see them adding Konerko due to his age and length of contract it would take to land him. Therefore, that leaves us with either Derrek Lee or Adam LaRoche (for another possible short stay). If Crawford doesn’t sign with either the Yankees or Angels, Boston just might be the landing spot if they can talk him down to only 6 years and he’ll be 37 at the end of the contact that he is seeking…8 years. This would make an OF made up of Crawford in left, Ellsbury in center and a combo of Drew and Kalish in right. Not a bad OF if you ask me!

BUT after today’s BIG news it looks as if Beltre, Lee & LaRoche will be looking for jobs in cities other than Boston. If you have to ask why, you haven’t been listening to the news at all today! An agreement has been made between the Red Sox and Padres that will bring All Star, Gold Glove 1B Adrian Gonzalez to Boston in exchange for minor leaguers SP Casey Kelly (Boston’s # 1 prospect according to Baseball America, who can also play SS, but doesn’t hit well…yet), 1B Anthony Rizzo (Boston’s # 3 prospect according to Baseball America, who hit 25 HR & 100 RBI between single & double A in 2010) and OF Reymond Fuentes (Boston’s # 6 prospect according to Baseball America). Theo, who was already out in San Diego, flew with Gonzalez to Boston this morning & he has already passed (according to reports) his physical. The only thing that could prevent this deal from happening would be the exxtension between Boston and Gonzalez beyond the 2011 season. It has been reported that the two parties have until 2pm EST to get that done and that’s not a very long time!

I will comment on the trade once it is made official…probably on Monday!

The Ailing Bullpen Situation

Here’s a list of the only worthy players (in my opinion) that the Red Sox should consider for their bullpen. The spreadsheet lists the player’s age and whether or not he is a type A or B free agent.

If the Gonzalez trade goes through, I doubt the Red Sox would sign Cliff Lee, but if they did, I’d expect to see then flip Matsuzaka to a National League team where he would be more effective.

Out of the remaining type A free agents, the only two I would want to give up prospects for would be either Matt Guerrier (who was with the Twins last year) and possibly former Blue Jay Scott Downs. But seeing the Gonzalez trade sent top pitching prospect Kelly to San Diego, the Red Sox may not be too willing to sign a type A free agent (2011 draft picks are now going to be more important than in other years).

Now onto the type B free agent class…The player that peak my interest would be SP Kevin Correia (again, making this move would probably cause the Red Sox to make a counter move of trading away Matsuzaka to a National League team (reason can be found above)), RP’s Jon Rauch, Chad Durbin, J.J. Putz, and Koji Uehara all could be 7th inning targets. Except for Putz, a former closer, who could assist Bard if the Red Sox trade away Papelbon before they lose him to free agency and while his value may be at it’s best it’s going to be before then! I would love to see them get either Rauch, Durbin or Putz although I’d have to admit that seeing that Durbin was kind enough to grant me an interview after the 2008 World Series, I may be a little bias where he is involved.

Then there is former starter turned reliever Micah Owings. The thing I like with signing him is that he could be a decent long relief candidate AND an extra bat off the bench…the kid can hit better than he can pitch and even has some HR power in his bat!

And as for the pitchers that are neither type A or B you have Jeremy Bonderman, Pedro Martinez, Chris Young and Brandon Webb. All are starters and are potential risks due to coming back from injuries except for Martinez who did not play in 2010 and is now 39. It would be nice to see Pedro back, but I’m not sure how his ego would take being Boston’s number 5 starter after his years as their Ace! Bonderman, at only 28, might be an intriguing option and might be able to start down in triple A to begin the season to get his timing and former form back (even if it’s only a shadow of his old self). Chris Young might be the player with the least amount of risk, but any addition from this rank would clearly pave the way for a Matsuzaka trade by mid-season at the latest.

But enough about who I’d like to see them sign, who would YOU like to see the Red Sox sign this off season??!!

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  1. Name: Mark

    December 6, 2010 at 4:07 am

    start with 7yrs 161 million 23/yr.It’s more then Texiera makes a year!Don’t worry Theo gets it done.You don’t give up that much and not sign Agon!Sign Crawford and a couple of guys for the bullpen!And we’re ready to roll!Nice job with trade Theo!Anthony Renaudo will help us forget Casey Kelly!

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