Want to go to a Game? Will you co-sign a loan for me?

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and really see who is getting what and where they stand against other players.  It astounds me that players today get paid what they do and it is even more astounding that Scott Boras can get an average player like Jason Werth 18 million per year.  Yes I said average player.  Look at where he played and the team he was on and then look at the numbers he has put up.  Jayson Werth is an average player with a super agent and that is how he got the money he did.  Just in case you are not convinced I will give you some visual evidence.

Jayson Werth: 18 million

Adrian Beltre: 13 million

Cal Ripken Jr: 6.8 million

Jayson Werth is a right fielder who hits for average power and Cal Ripken Jr. is a shortstop who put up the same numbers as Werth but got paid almost three times less.  It should also be noted that both guys played in the 2000’s so we are not talking about two different eras but what we are talking about is two totally different games.  The game has become a business through and through, which has affected the price of admission and even tested some of the most loyal fans ability to step foot in a park or even turn on the television.  Guys these days miss 15 days for turf toe or a hang nail and then complain about getting pitched inside.  I am so sick of the price of tickets that unless I get free passes I barely go to games anymore.  I love baseball but the average fan is being driven away in exchange for corporate functions and high profile celebrities being seated in the front row.  The game is changing quickly and when players the caliber of Jayson Werth start making 18 million you might see some empty seats because nobody wants to go watch a bunch of average players run around a field.  Today you go to the park and pay 8 dollars for a beer 4 dollars for a water and one months mortgage for the family’s seats.  This has to stop and until fans stop showing up it won’t.  I know baseball gets T.V. money and merchandising money, but if 40,000 plus capacity stadiums are empty I think MLB and the owners would get the point.

Let me say, I am not against people getting paid but I am against people getting paid at the cost of a Dad and his son or even the entire family enjoying a game together.

Congrats to Jayson Werth and his family, you are set for life. I just wish I could afford to come watch you strikeout once a game and occasionally hit a home run.

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