DRSEA INFORMER: Forum Has Much At Stake

Taken From: Volume IV, Issue 2: A Publication For Your Reading Enjoyment

Major League Baseball and FUNGLODE (Fundación Global de Democracia y Desarrollo) are holding a symposium in the near future entitled “Goals and Challenges of MLB in the Dominican Republic,” to include people they believe have a vested interest in baseball in the Dominican Republic.  And I have been invited!

Issues to be discussed at the event include the long term economic sustainability of Major League Baseball, as well as in the country, falsification of age and identity, consumption and testing of performance enhancing substances, player education, and the role of buscones, the scouts who deliver talent to teams.  The issues will be presented by specialists in the fields and commented on by experts from the public, private, and baseball sectors.

The symposium coincides with the 10-year anniversary of the Major League Baseball office in the Dominican Republic and organizers say it will include “significant participation from the Dominican government, MLB, teams, and all important stakeholders related to the baseball industry in the DR.”


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