Odds on Seattle’s Side

Even the most casual of Mariners fans have probably picked up on the alternating nature of expectations over the past few years. The 2007 and 2009 seasons saw the Mariners achieve unexpected success which lead to big off season acquisitions (Bedard post 2007, Lee post 2009), and high expectations heading into 2008 and 2010.  Both of those years were, of course, filled with disappointment.  In an odd coincidence, since the magical 1995 season the Mariners have experienced more success in calendar years that end with an odd number.

Here are the Mariners win totals since 1995 in odd and even years:

Odd:  79, 90, 79, 116, 93, 69, 88, 85 – Average wins: 87

Even:  85, 76, 91, 93, 63, 78, 61, 61 – Average wins: 76

After a slow start to 2011, the Mariners have picked up the pace as of late.  History is on their side to see that winning pace continue throughout the rest of the season.

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