A Few Words With Gabriel Busch

Gabriel Busch, author of the new novel “Circle Change” has created a memorable tale of love, dreams, loss, grief, introspection and redemption. The story is set in the world of professional baseball against the backdrop of New Orleans. It is a book which offers something for everyone and asks the reader to look inward in the process of telling its tale. He took time recently to sit down and answer a few questions regarding his debut novel:
  • “Circle Change” centers around a minor league baseball player. Why did you choose to base the character in the world of professional baseball? Does it hold a special significance to you?
Baseball is a game near and dear to my heart and very much a part of our country’s sports heritage. As far as writing the book, baseball chose me more than I chose it. I knew I wanted to write a book involving a sports figure as the protagonist and baseball was the logical choice for this story. There are numerous odes to the game of baseball throughout the novel, and every number hidden within the story has baseball significance. For example, there are 42 chapters in the book, specifically paying homage to Jackie Robinson.
  • The novel takes place largely against the backdrop of New Orleans. What is your connection to the city and what connotation does it have to the story?
My love affair with the city of New Orleans played a prominent role (having lived there for 13 years prior to Hurricane Katrina) as I drew from that profound experience to help shape the background to the story. I miss New Orleans and think about it every day. It’s the best city in America, by far!
  • The story basically reflects one man’s spiritual journey. Was it your intent to have the reader look inward while following his journey?
I certainly attempted to provoke thought in the reader through the story of Traynor. Looking inward is something we all don’t do enough of and, frankly, it often helps explain and make sense of what we experience outwardly.
  • Since it holds a prominent place in the storyline, what connection do you have with Native American culture?
Perhaps, I have a past life connection. Ever since childhood I have been curious about and fascinated with the Native American culture and people.
  • A circle change is a type of pitch in baseball. What else are you trying to symbolize with the term?
The unity and sacredness of life and that everything has a beginning and also has an ending. It’s such a universal symbol that transcends cultures, languages and borders.
  • Your protagonist, Traynor Hamilton, seems like he has more of a story to tell. Is another novel featuring this character in your plans?
I do desire to write another book but at this time I may tell a wholly different story. Traynor was an interesting character to develop and he may in fact have more to share down the road – so stay tuned I guess!
  • Traynor has a unique but inspirational mentor in the form of his older friend Charles who helps guide him throughout the story. Who serves as your mentor or inspirational guide?
I have been blessed to have a few, including my parents, my wife and some dear friends.
  • Did you play baseball yourself?
I played as a child and through school. But, unfortunately never in the professional ranks. I have two young sons now and we play catch almost every day.
  • Like your lead character, did you pitch?
I played shortstop. My pitching is relegated to wiffle ball and tossing batting practice to my oldest son.
  • I have to ask…. ever throw a circle change?
The circle change is a fun pitch to throw.
“Circle Change” by Gabriel Busch is available via Amazon Kindle (see sidebar on this website), Barnes and Nobles Nook and  multiple other digital formats via Smashwords.com.?

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