A Mets Fan’s View of the K-Rod Trade

Francisco Rodriquez (aka K-Rod) image taken from Google Images

The Mets’ trade of Francisco Rodriquez to the Brewers was a good one because it gives them a much better chance of signing Jose Reyes in the offseason.


The Mets dumped their closer to Milwaukee for players to be named later. In doing so, they don’t have to worry about the financial repercussions of K-Rod’s contract anymore. The potential $19 million the financially-troubled Mets would have had to pay Rodriguez next season has now disappeared. The Mets have more financial freedom to make Reyes a big offer, which they will need to do come the winter.


And losing K-Rod on the field is not a devastating blow. While K-Rod is a solid closer, he is not irreplaceable. Jason Isringhausen and Bobby Parnell will be adequate replacements, and the Mets will not lose much, if anything.


Once the Mets trade Carlos Beltran, though, the impact will be felt more strongly. Beltran  was an All-Star this season and the Mets’ only consistent power threat. But hopefully by the time Beltran is traded before the July 31 deadline, the Mets will have David Wright and Reyes back in the lineup. Both should be back within a week.

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