Dear Ruben, Just Say No to Carlos

Image courtesy of NY Daily News.

Attention Ruben Amaro and anyone of the Phillies top brass:
I beg you, please don’t bring Carlos Beltran to the Phillies
Trading for Carlos Beltran would be an awful idea for the Phillies. Would adding him to the roster help the Phillies this year? Probably. Is he worth the trade? Absolutely not.
First of all, the Phillies need a replacement for Jayson Werth who can disrupt the lefty-lefty matchups against Utley and Howard. Beltran does not really serve that need. Yes, he is hitting .291 this year and .339 in July, but he is hitting just .232 against lefties. If he can’t hit lefties, what purpose does he serve?
I understand the “win it now” philosophy, but at what cost? The Mets will likely ask for Domonic Brown, Vance Worley, or several highly ranked prospects from an already depleted Phillies farm system. Ruben Amaro gave away quite a bit already to grab Halladay, Lee, and Oswalt. Trading away even more takes away nearly all bargaining chips for future free agents. By trading for Beltran now, the Phillies run the risk of falling off the cliff in a few years and “defaulting” on the future.
With the best record in baseball and with Lidge, Oswalt, and Polanco returning, the Phillies may not need to risk the future. Despite how bad it seems, the Phillies’ offense ranks right in the middle in the National League. Matched with the best pitching staff in the NL, there is no need for any drastic moves. And if Howard, Utley, Ruiz, and Ibanez play like they are capable, we could have one of the best offenses in no time.
Let me finish with another plea to Ruben Amaro:
Fans somehow got the idea that the Phillies would again make a big splash at the trading deadline. Of course they want Beltran; he gives the Phils a better chance to win now! But we already have a tremendous chance to win now and Beltran doesn’t guarantee anything. Don’t make a stupid move. Go for Hunter Pence who makes us better now and in the future if you want, but don’t waste it on Beltran.

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