A Review of the Documentary: Jews in Baseball


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Released last November (2010), the documentary Jews in Baseball lives up to the hype, documenting some of (if not all of) the most important Jewish major leaguers that have ever played the game of baseball. The DVD shows how players such as Hank Greenberg and Sandy Kofax honored their Jewish faith, while paving the way for other players of Jewish faith to follow.

There are in-game and out of game video and images of these influential players and the affect they had on the game and it’s fans…especially the love affair they had with Jewish baseball fans. Some of the highlights for me were the sections on Greenberg and the interviews with Kofax who is knows as being highly guarded about his personal life these days, but he was graceous enough to take part in this tribute to Jewish baseball players past (like himself and Greenberg) and preset (Boston’s Kevin Youkilis and Milwaukee’s Ryan Braun).

I may not be Jewish myself, but my wife’s family on her father’s side is and their faith has bonded their family through thick and thin and is something that I greatly respect. Therefore, over the last 10+ years I’ve been married, I have grown to respect the faith that I previously knew little about. Without that introduction, I do not think this DVD would have been as meaningful to me. Interesting, yes…none-the-less.

Here’s the trailer for your viewing pleasure…

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