The Importance of Kendrick and Worley to the Phillies

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The Phillies clinched the division with 12 games left and should still (we hope) have the most wins ever for the franchise.


Now imagine where they would be without Kyle Kendrick or Vance Worley.


Kendrick and Worley’s contributions to this Phillies team aren’t just nice stories; they changed the entire complexion of the Phillies season. Worley and Kendrick combined for a 16-6 record and a 3.01 ERA as starters. Think about that for a second. That is a 3.07 ERA for the FOURTH AND FIFTH STARTERS. Most teams would kill to get that ERA for their TOP starters.


The numbers are drastically different from the 2010 campaign where the Phils’ fours and fives went 22-19 with a 4.56 ERA, a difference of 1.55 points. Just taking the winning percentage alone, the Phillies would have 4 less wins. To put that in perspective, 4 less games at the all-star break would have put the Phillies 1 game back of the Braves.


Worley’s importance


The impact of Vance Worley runs much deeper than just four games when you consider the timing of his arrival. When Worley made his first start for the Phillies on April 29th, Oswalt had just gone to the DL and Chase Utley was still nearly a month away from joining the squad. Having now lost one of their aces, the Phillies were not hitting, had no idea if and when Utley would ever return and had a mess on their hands in right field. The Phillies needed a morale booster desperately. Enter Vance Worley and the story begins.

After getting shipped to Lehigh Valley upon Oswalt’s return on May 17th, Worley was brought back again on June 18th when Oswalt returned to the DL. Once again, Vance Worley to the rescue.


Kendrick’s impact


And don’t lose sight of Kendrick’s contribution. As a starter in 2011, Kendrick is 5-4 with a 3.21 ERA. After his Jekyl and Hyde performance in 2010, Kendrick has been rock solid this season, giving his team a chance to win each time he takes the mound. He bounces around from starter to reliever on a daily basis and never complains. Kyle simply takes the ball and does his job. Even the danger of living with a pregnant wife didn’t effect him.


Life without Worley and Kendrick


There’s no doubt the Phillies would have made the playoffs with or without Kendrick and Worley. But the Phils would certainly have had a lot less rest without them. And rest might be the most important thing for an old Philadelphia Phillies team entering the playoffs…

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