The Rangers’ Bullpen Woes by Buddy Biancalana

The World Series that very few folks outside of Missouri and Texas wanted to see turned out to be incredibly entertaining. Congratulations to the St. Louis Cardinals and the Texas Rangers on an outstanding Series and season.


The most memorable moment for me was seeing both, the exhilaration and anticipation on the face of MVP David Freese as he approached home plate after his 11th inning walk off homer to win game six.


If you wondered if Albert Pujols‘ comments all year about not paying attention to his pending free agency were sincere, or that all he cared about was his team’s success were legit, the look on his face for most of the Series left no doubt. He resembled a starving lion in the jungle who was not going to be denied the kill he most wanted. He got it and no one deserves it more than he. He is a tremendous player and person.


However, Pujols may have remained hungry had it not been for the demise of the Rangers’ bullpen. The seven relievers had a combined WHIP of a whopping 2.33 after the same pitchers posted a 1.15 WHIP during the regular season. This does not include starters Colby Lewis and C.J. Wilson who each had one relief appearance in the Series.


These same seven walked 41 while striking out 47 in the Series, for a K to BB ratio of 0.60 to 1. During the season their K to BB ratio was an outstanding 2.79 to 1.


These two stats clearly tell the story as to the deciding factor in the Series.


It was evident the Rangers’ relievers were not versed on the 7 reasons why any athlete lacks consistency. If they were, you would have seen stats put up in the World Series similar to the regular season.

Buddy Biancalana
Co-author, The 7 Secrets of World Class Athletes



“These guys have discovered something in all sports that is going to have a huge impact wherever it is taught.”  George Brett, Baseball Hall of Fame
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