Jimmy Rollins Signs 3 yr $33 Million Contract With Philly

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News of the Rollins signing has had negative comments rising up in Philly Phans, who wished to see a faltering SS who had a horrible playoff and has a history of lackluster effort in jogging to first, go to another team for a cheaper option.


However, Rollins has had positive contributions to this team and for three years and an option for a fourth, he signed for cheaper than what the Brewers were offering. With Rollins back and Wiggington on the roster that also means versatile but weak hitting Michael Martinez will go to AAA where he belongs.


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It also gives Freddy Galvis time to find his swing in AAA, as he did not impress so much last year and at 22 he still has time to develop, although he seems to be a subpar prospect at best. That will give the Phillies an option of waiting two years for Galvis and perhaps trading Rollins by the trade deadline in his 3rd year, or another SS turns into a good prospect or FA picture.


With Rollins now in place that means Polanco will man 3rd with help from Wigginton, and that barring any big signing; Mayberry Jr. will be the starting LFer. Polanco is old and fragile, Mayberry is unproven and last year seemed like a career year for a fringe player…but with a team that needs to win now before they become old in the rotation, getting Rollins aboard for 3 years is good for the timeline of the closing window of the Phillies being atop the NL East.


Rollins has hinted at being a HOFer, which is a stretch at best. He will not have another (disputed) MVP award season in him, but if he continues to improve his pitches seen per plate appearance to be top 30 in that category, he will still be a valuable leadoff hitter.

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