An Interview with Brisbane Bandits 2B/Captain Brad Dutton

Leading the Brisbane Bandits and one half of the ‘Bash Brothers’,  29-year-old second baseman Brad Dutton takes five minutes to talk family, the Cubs and playing for Australia…

You have been playing baseball from a very young age – what does the game mean to you?

I’ve been playing baseball since I was five, it means everything to me.  It’s been in mine and my family all my life – I just love the game.

As a youngster watching the Bandits play, who was the player you looked up to the most and why?

Steven Hinton, the Bandits shortstop – my favorite position growing up and the one position I wanted to play most.

As the Captain of the Bandits, is it hard to motivate the import players who may not know your background as extensively as the local boys?

I think the import guys see how passionate and hard we play this game and they take this in before they take the field.  I guess if they don’t play the game the right way, the way Brisbane plays the game then they’ll know about it!

When you, Wade and your Dad Peter get together – is it girls in the kitchen and blokes around the BBQ talking baseball, baseball and more baseball?

Basically the whole family talks about baseball, we all talk about the game that night, or a pitch that me or Wade got a hit off, stuck out on.  Our Dad has always given us advice on our game that he loves.

Which ball club do you follow in the USA and why?

The Cubs! The reason I follow them because I lived in Chicago for four and a half years, my friends followed them, so I started watching them and now they are my favorite team.

Is it bloody good fun to have your brother playing in the infield with you?

Wade and I have fun on the field; we talk about the game a lot or the pitchers, or just give each a hard time.

Best part of playing ball in the United States?

Meeting new and excited people, playing in different ball parks, proving that you can play the American game with and against Yanks.

Is there fierce competition between you and your brother off the field?

Just a little bit…anything from ping pong to cricket we will have a go at.  It gets pretty fiery towards the end.

What is your greatest off-field victory over brother Wade?

Greatest?  Not sure, but I did beat him in golf two weeks ago.  Killed him, really.

In 2006 you won the coveted Helms award in the Claxton Shield competition.  As a Bandit fan growing up, that must have been a special moment for you?

It was, but at the time it didn’t really sink in.  Now, looking back at all the people who have won that award I’m pretty proud that I have my name on that.

What is the crappiest baseball diamond you have ever played on?

In my junior college days, there were a few crappy fields, they were covered in rocks, no dugouts and this was in America – I was surprised.

You have represented Australia before – how hard is it to get the dirt stains out of those all-white uniforms??

When you make Australia people wash your uniforms for you (Laughs)

What is your favorite road ballpark to visit in Australia and why?

Canberra Calvary’s Narrabundah ballpark has the best surface to play on this season.


Who would join your dream baseball roundtable and why? (i.e If you could sit around at dinner talking baseball with 4 major leaguers or ABL guys, who would you invite?)


Barry Larkin, Derek Jeter, Ian Kinsler and Ty Cobb.  Larkin, Jeter and Kinsler because they are infielders and Cobb because of how tough he was and the stories he would have.


What makes you tick? (i.e your motivation to do what you do)


Just being the best I can, for the longest I can and making sure my team achieves its goals.

 Complete this sentence. When I am extremely hungry I just have to have……………

Eat everything and anything.

Toughest part of playing in the ABL?

For me it’s seeing new guys (pitchers) on different teams that you’ve never faced before, you don’t know what to expect.  With all the Australian guys you already know their pitching style.

Which one of your Bandit team mates would you least want to room with and why?


Wade, because I see enough of him as it is!  It’s good to get to know the other guys on the team, on the road is good chance to do this outside of baseball.


Finally, how do you stop the Perth Heat? 


By scoring more runs than them.


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