Factor 12 Leaders Week 2

The Factor12 Rating (F12) is an analytic measurement utilizing league average performance to compare the value of all MLB pitchers on 60ft6in.com.


(1) Justin Verlander continued his dominating start to the 2012 season by pitching a complete game win against the Kansas City Royals.  The reigning AL Cy Young Award winner hurled 9IP / 7H / 2ER / 2BB / 9K.  Verlander currently holds the number one position on the F12 Rating list with a 34.148 or .349 percent above league average.


(2) Kyle Lohse is the most surprising entry to the Factor12 Top in 2012.  The St. Louis Cardinals’ right-hander has pitched superb baseball over his first three starts of the season.  Lohse has thrown 20.33 IP/ 10H/ 2ER/ 2BB/ 11K while sporting a 0.89 ERA.


(3) Matt Cain has been utterly dominant over his last two starts.  The right-hander has thrown 18 IP/ 3H/ 0ER/ 1BB/ 15K.  If not for a sub par outing in his first start against the Arizona Diamondbacks, Cain would be the current Factor12 leader.


(4) Aroldis Chapman was the reigning F12 leader after Week 1.  The left-hander continues to dominate the opposition by posting 8IP/ 3H/ 0ER/ 0BB/ 15K.  However, pitchers completing less than the average yearly innings (i.e. 9.12 in 2012) will have their F12 Rating weighed by the percentage of innings completed in relation to league average.


(5) Felix Hernandez rounds out the top five after posting an amazing performance against the Cleveland Indians on Wednesday night.  The right-hander tossed 8IP/ 5H/ 0ER/ 1BB/ 12K throwing 126 pitches.  “The King” appears to be rounding into mid-season form.



***The Factor12 Top 12 in 2012 through games on April 20th:


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