Reflections on the Reds: Three reasons to watch the Reds

As interleague play comes to an end and the All-Star break nears the Reds find themselves both in first place, and in a pretty good position to continue their success into the postseason. Everything seems to be falling their way, except attendance. Recently average game attendance is up about 3,500, yet they are still ranked 12th in the National League in total attendance. In light of this, here are 3 reasons why more fans should crowd Great American Ball Park this season.

1. The Bullpen.  The total ERA for the bullpen is 2.63 and the WHIP is around 2.00. These stats are very impressive this far into the season, and do not include Bill Bray’s stats. Overall, the Reds relief pitchers have been better than advertised but most of the attention goes to Mr. 105-mph, Aroldis Chapman, and rightfully so. His numbers are beyond what anyone could have predicted. He ranks in the top 25 relievers in several categories including ERA, K/9, and BB/9. Batters are having a tough time this season even reaching base against Chapman. Out of all the relievers who have appeared in 20 games or more, only Ryan Cook of the A’s and Ernesto Frieri of the Angels have a lower Batting Average Against than Chapman. His recent move to closer has worked brilliantly and his success continues. Not to be out done is Chapman’s teammate Jose Arredondo, who quietly is having an effective year. Posting an ERA of 2.05, and allowing only 16 hits in 30 2/3 innings pitched, Arredondo has been a go to guy out of the ‘pen this year for the Reds. With Chapman, Arredondo, and Sean Marshall leading the way out of the bullpen the Reds have racked up 11 wins in 1-run ball games.

2. Joey Votto.  The 2010 NL MVP is at it again. Votto leads all of baseball in the following categories;

Doubles – 30
Batting Average – .367
Walks – 55
IBB – 12
OBP – .486
OPS – 1.145
XBH – 43

It would not be going too far as to say that Votto is the first half MVP in the NL. He just signed the huge deal at the beginning of the season keeping him in Cincinnati through 2023. As a fan, why wouldn’t you want to see the big name first baseman in the NL Central that stayed with his team?

3. First Place. The Reds had a bit of a slow start in April but are now in first place with the 3rd best record in the National League, 38 – 30, what more could you ask for? Simply put, first teams are much more fun to watch because they win more. No further logic needed here.

These 3 reasons should make any fan want to come out to Great American Ball Park and cheer on the Reds.

On a side note, during the game when all-star ballots are handed out, please take the time to vote for Jay Bruce, Brandon Phillips, and Joey Votto. Instead of disregarding them or tossing them on the ground, vote for your favorite players and these Reds.

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