The curse of the Triple Crown title


By Ismael Nunez

Miguel Cabrera just won the Baseball Triple Crown: (which means he led the AL) in Home-Runs, RBI, Batting; yet in the 2012 World Series he did not have the same type of production. One Home-Run in Game Four and struck out to end the Series.  Yet it’s not the first time a Triple Crown Winner was not also the Most Valuable Player, nor win a championship.

Here are Three examples:

1-Ted Williams – one of two players to win the Triple Crown. He first won it in 1942 and again in 1947, yet he didn’t win the Most Valuable Player Award. To add to that, he had one of the worst performances in the post season in the 1946 World Series and never achieved winning a World Series ring.

2- Carl Yastrzemski – wins the Triple Crown in 1967 yet the Boston Red Sox lose the World Series against St. Louis Cardinals.

3-Ty CobbWins Triple Crown in 1909, yet the Detroit Tigers lost the World Series to the Pittsburgh Pirates. Honus Wagner played on that team and out hit Cobb.

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