The Evolution Of Baseball—The Mariners, & King Felix

Photo taken from Google Images c/o Zimbio

Photo taken from Google Images c/o Zimbio

I was listening to Sports Radio on 710 AM in Seattle today. My dad likes the show. They were talking about the Mariners—specifically, our ace pitcher, Felix Hernandez.

What does everyone think? Does he like it here? Is he happy about the changes that have been made to the team structure?

He did pitch a Perfect Game—he should be asked. In my opinion—historically, it was probably the highlight of the entire Mariners Franchise. There have only been 23 in Baseball—America’s Pastime. 3 in 2012!

Are millions of dollars worth keeping the “King?” Will he still be good in 8 years, at the tender age of 34—his number? Is this really a question? 8 years is the contract length they are talking about; the “King” is 26.

What qualifies as a King? Should we look to the Bible—to Israel’s 1st King, Saul? What about David? David slayed Goliath. Ahab? The Giants won the World Series—does the Spirit of the LORD rest in Sports Franchises?

Do the best teams/players win the World Series? The Super Bowl? The NBA Playoffs? The Masters? The Olympics? It’s a tough question to ask.

Should we want Felix Hernandez here another 8 years?

As well as Felix, and other gifted athletes, I follow Michael Phelps on Twitter. In an effort to support Phelps’s hometown Baltimore football team, I sent him a picture of Elijah fed by the ravens, a Bible story which I drew while teaching Sunday School.

Perhaps it was Phelps’s enthusiasm and Raven-pride which inspired my support in the first place. Perhaps that’s what’s supposed to happen. Perhaps God’s light exists in that. Has anyone seen the Oscar-nominated, Silver Linings Playbook? How about the 2008 Olympics when 1 athlete in particular, won 8 golds out of 8 events? Subway is open 24 hours. Michael Phelps (among other athletes) sponsors Subway—or vice versa?

In my opinion, I would say that Michael Phelps is a king, or perhaps, more aptly named—a Son of God. I’m not sure if he is a Christian. Today one of Michael Phelps’s “Retweets” was from Great Minds Quotes. Dennis Gabor, 1971 winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics, a Jew, and the inventor of holography, said—“The future cannot be predicted, but futures can be invented.”

Baseball is America’s Pastime. Popcorn and soda are attached to movies; baseball has hot dogs, lengthy licorice red vines, peanuts and Cracker Jacks! Take me out to the ballgame!

So, is Felix worth it? Does only the LORD know? Felix pitched a Perfect Game last year—so did Matt Cain of the Giants. San Francisco won the 2012 World Series. What does Philip Humber have to offer? 3 out of 23—enough said.

Go Mariners, 2013!

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