NYC Men’s Senior Baseball League

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Here’s there’re contact information:
Email and phone number 347-906-4181 and their address:
213-37 39th Avenue-Unit 250, Bayside, New York 11361, now the name of the organization?
Men’s Senior and Men’s Adult Baseball Leagues! Recognized as the largest adult recreation Baseball Organization with close to 50,000 members world wide playing in more than 250 leagues.
Here is a brief description of the league:
It’s baseball for adults age 35 and over and also offers an open age division. The League will play games at 4 and 7:30 pm on weekends and 7:30 pm on weeknights. Here is what two of the founders Tim Hott and Ed Cantor who both have been running Baseball Leagues on the island for close to 23 years stated proudly:
“Some of you know us because you and/or your teams have already played in our leagues or tournaments. Now we invite you and your teammates and friends to join our newest creation! This reporter was given the opportunity to interview Tim Holt one of the founders of the league.
NYC Men’s Senior Baseball League
1-How did the idea come up to create this league?
I have been operating adult recreational baseball leagues for 23 years. I was approached by a number of managers and players who were unhappy about how poorly NYC Metro Baseball League was operated. They asked me to try to negotiate with the president of NYC Metro to buy that league. I met with him and we reached an agreement on price and terms which he confirmed in writing. Then, without explanation and without even the courtesy of a phone call or an email, he stopped responding to me at all. At that point I realized why so many people were unhappy with how he tried to run a league. I also realized that NYC Metro like other NYC leagues, ignored the largest segment of the baseball playing market, i.e., those who are age 35+. I then decided that it would make more sense to start a league for players 35+ as well as an open age league. I also found that there was really no midweek league and I thought offering 7:30pmweeknight games as well as 4 and 7:30 pm on weekends would be attractive to all baseball players. .
2-Do you have a budget?
Not exactly sure what you mean, but I assume you are asking what it will cost to play in the league. Anticipated fees are $165 per player for a 14 man minimum roster plus a $300 per team fee for each team’s own web site and for secondary medical/accident insurance for all players. Balls are $48 per dozen from the league. Teams pay umpires at the field. Two umpires per game. Each team pays one umpire. $85 for a 7 inning game. $95 for a 9 inning game. American Federation of Umpires will be handling all games.
3-Getting any support from the NY Baseball teams here in NYC?
I have had a lot of favorable response from existing teams. Especially teams that want to play in a league that has experienced and competent management that responds to its teams, managers and players promptly. Also, teams have given favorable response because many of their players have played or still play in our Long Island leagues and tournaments. Another aspect of favorable response is people who know me know that our leagues issue written rules which are enforced. In addition the league, just like our Long Island leagues, is affiliated with Men’s Senior and Men’s Adult Baseball Leagues [MSBL/MABL], an international organization based in Melville, Long Island. MSBL/MABL works closely with its member leagues in encouraging the growth of adult recreational baseball. All fees explained below INCLUDE affiliation fees for players to become members of MSBL/MABL. That membership gives players access to discounts for a variety of items such as car insurance, credit cards and baseball equipment. MABL/MABL affiliation also gives players access to tournaments all over the country. MSBL/MABL is the largest adult recreational baseball organization in the world with more than 250 leagues and 50,000 players around the world. This affiliation with MSBL/MABL which is so close by is much more beneficial and logical than affiliating with an organization based 2000 miles away that does not know how to get to the Bronx.
4-How many teams will be competing? To add are they going to be any women teams/leagues competing?
Until registration for the season is finished in late March there is no way to know how many teams. We plan on holding tryouts and a draft to form teams for the 35+ division and are seeking players who also have managerial skills to run teams. We welcome women and would be happy to have a women’s team. Our Long Island leagues have had women in them from time to time since 1991.
5-This will be a regular league with commissioners, umpires, score keepers, etc.
Yes. The structure will be a traditional league set up with a regular season schedule followed by playoffs leading to a championship in separate divisions. As noted above we have contracted with AFU for umpires. Score keeping and record keeping will be each team’s responsibility on their web site a third-party software provider.
6-Will there be volunteer opportunities and training for the jobs I mentioned score keepers umpires
We will entertain accepting volunteer scorekeepers. Umpire training and assignment is done strictly by AFU according to their standards and procedures.
7-Who can play in the league anyone? Even if one is not that good of a ballplayer.
The league is open to anyone who meets the age division requirements and who a team has decided it wants on their roster. Tryouts for teams are at each team’s individual discretion. League tryouts and draft will be similar, i.e., whoever agrees to take on the responsibility of managing will decide who gets to be on their team. Initially, the league will help those newly drafted teams by overseeing collection of fees from players.
8-You see a good future with this league do you?
Yes, I do. I believe that New York City is under-served by the current adult recreational baseball leagues that are out there, especially for those players age 35+. I know that there is an untapped large group of good ball players who want to go back to hardball instead of going soft.
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