Valentines day is a day for lovers <3

Elijah Loves the Baseball

Elijah Loves the Baseball (Photo credit: dndesign)

Valentines day is a day for lovers. You’re single like me? No problem, I’ve got your solution. Think about this holiday as a celebration of the things/people/events.. really anything you love. I love my family, my friends, my passions. There’s a whole lot of love in your life, it just depends on how you look at it.

What I’ve ultimately learned in life is that love doesn’t come in the form of another person. It comes from your passions. If you love to knit sweaters, embrace it. If you love to ski, do it as much as possible. If you love baseball, either become a professional player or write about it like I do. Either way, you love something.

What this article is about, is love in its simplest form. We love baseball. Spring training approaches us and we’re extremely excited as baseball fans. Hometown fans have the highest expectations as to what their team will bring. Even if you’re an Astros fan, you have hope that the new front office with Jeff Lunhow and company will bring in some new talent to make you excited 3-4 years from now. Maybe those fans who weren’t as prospects focused will discover a new world.

Yankees fans will love the fact that their team is full of legends. You have to look at Mariano Rivera, Derek Jeter and Andy Pettite and marvel at their accomplishments. You have something to love. You also can watch Robinson Cano play in his (possibly) final years as a Yankee.

I love watching the Braves (my ultimate crush) consistently compete and make smart baseball moves. You have to hand it to them. Friedman & Co. have done great in Tampa, but what the Braves have done for this long is remarkable.


In the end, we set our fanhood aside and join in love. As with any great movement that has any significance, we in the end are all human beings who relish the opportunity to express ourselves. Let today be a refresher for you to embrace the things you love, whether that be baseball or a person.


Happy Valentines Day everyone!

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