A Baseball Bingo Homerun

Discovering the missing link between baseball and bingo

These days, the interaction between fans and athletes has come a long way. With the help of technology – more particularly social media, it became easier for die hard team supporters to comment on an athlete’s lackadaisical performance, go into raptures over their remarkable play, or even chat them up about their everyday lives. We all know that social media sites have grown close to the hearts of millions of people across the globe, similar to how baseball has become “America’s Pastime” during the late 19th and early 20th century. In fact just like playing bingo on a lazy Sunday afternoon, baseball was what an everyday American did after school or work.

Technology has its way of connecting unusual things, polar opposites that no one in their right mind would’ve think will be possible. Baseball and bingo come from two different playing fields, and as usual, technology – and a little hint of avant-garde creativity – did the thinkable by inventing Baseball Bingo. Much like a classic game of bingo, Baseball Bingo uses 5×5 playing cards; but instead of numbers, each box contains typical to strange events in a baseball game. From a Detroit Tigers, to a Chicago Cubs baseball bingo card, fans are in for a treat as they check off and form the winning pattern while they cheer – or jeer – for their favorite team all the way through the 9th inning.

This same technology also widened the scope of a standard bingo game, with the inception of Cheeky Bingo. Ironically, just like famous sports personalities and leagues, it also uses Twitter as a method to reach out to its fans, as well as promote daily activities. On the other hand, baseball players like New York Yankee Robinson Cano, Boston Red Sox David Ortiz, and Cincinnati Reds’ Brandon Philips, tweet regularly to update their legions of followers about a delicious home cooked meal they ate, a beautiful place they visited, or just a simple response to a fan’s shout out. In a way, technology created a whole new meaning to the term ultimate fan experience by providing an avenue for fans to enjoy baseball – and bingo – in a different way.

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