Maximize your SWING when combining Baseball with physics

Pipefitter by day and inventor by night, Tim Brown’s passion for baseball has been a life-long obsession, which has now lead him to his 2nd baseball invention the 1st being a Revolutionary Catchers Glove that protects the hand from the impact of the ball (


“What does a doughnut have to do with baseball?”


After reading several articles addressing the fact that studies have shown adding weight (donut, sleeve, etc.) to the barrel of a baseball/softball bat actually decreases the hitters bat speed once the weight was removed. . Tim was inspired to find a solution, so he went into his garage where he likes to tinker and invent. Tim went through many iterations, the first few prototypes were made from materials that he was familiar with at his pipefitting job. He began to cut and grind at night until he developed a basic product that proved his theory; 7 prototypes later.


The idea was to develop a devise to keep the hitters hands inside the ball while assisting the batter in throwing the knob of the bat at the baseball. This would directly force the hands to and through the baseball/softball, ultimately increasing a player’s bat speed, while creating the proper hitting mechanics through muscle memory. Adding weight to the knob of the bat rather than the barrel was the solution; thus the “Hitting Knob.“



The “Hitting Knob” can be used in every aspect of the training game (i.e., on deck circle, tee work and soft toss); or, its most unique purpose, during live batting practice, which simulates the most authentic hitting experience.The body and mind react differently to a ball in motion (being delivered/pitched) opposed to a stationary ball (tee work). The “Hitting Knob” differentiates itself from other hitting aides on the market today by its placement on the bat, creating increased bat speed, while being able to use during a live hitting experience. Once the Hitting knob is removed from the bat you won’t believe the difference!


Tim has joined forces with Dr. Danny Codd, PhD, PE to assist him in taking his idea through the research and development cycle into commercialization.


Dr. Codd has been responsible for designing high-volume consumer products, industrial equipment and medical devices. Dr. Codd received his BSME, summa cum laude, from the University of California, San Diego and his MSME from Stanford University and Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering at MIT.



Patents have been filed and we are working towards producing commercial products to sell. There is daylight at the end of the tunnel. Look for the “Hitting Knob” on Kickstarter and


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