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The 2013 World Series has become a best-of-three series between the best team in each league (97 wins each). The St. Louis Cardinals with their young pitching staff and manager in his second year without any prior managing experience outside of maybe coaching little league (that joke taken from the Fox broadcast), who looks like he could still be catching for one of at least 20 other teams. Then there’s the Boston Red Sox, who were in last place in the AL East last season (with their worst record in like 30 years) with their team full of “baseball junkies” and manager who took his team to the World Series in his first year of managing that team (one of the only managers to ever accomplish that feat).

This series is the 84th time in the history of the World Series that has seen the series standing with a team up 2-1 after three games. The team leading 2-1 is now 42-42 in Game 4 (via MLB PR) after last night’s game 4 win by the Boston Red Sox.

The World Series is now tied 2-2 for the 43rd time in MLB history. World Series odds are that the team that has gone on to win Game 5 has won 64.3 percent of those series. With that being said, only three of the last 10 (via MLB PR) have later gone on to actually win the series. Furthermore, despite only needing to win one of the last two games in order to capture a World Series, the odds have begun to shift back away from the Game 5 winners in recent years. Looking into the numbers further, the 64.3 percent chance is a sizable number, but think about how much higher it was before the last 10 series that happened to be in this situation. Heading into this World Series senario, the Game 5 winner in a 2-2 series has won 27 of 42 times. Yet, prior to those last 10 scenarios, the ratio was 24-of-35. Let’s see if this series will follow suite!

Editor’s note: some of the stats for this article came from this Bleacher Report article.

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