5 Players to Avoid in your 2015 Fantasy Baseball Draft

In any type of fantasy baseball setting, the last thing an owner wants to do is draft someone who is injury prone. There is truth to the fact that any single person can go down with an injury at any time, but there are certain top-tier players who seem to always find a way on the disabled list. Even though they are extremely talented, here is a list of 5 guys to avoid unless they really slip down the draft board.


Troy Tulowitzki


The shortstop for the Colorado Rockies might just be the best fantasy baseball option at that position when healthy. Unfortunately, it is pretty tough to find him completely healthy for a full season. He is entering the 2015 season healthy, but he has not played anything close to a full season in the last 3 years. In fact, he has really only had one truly healthy season since 2008. Now that he is 30 years old, it is time to really wonder about him.


Prince Fielder


It is probably a bit unfair to label someone like Fielder injury prone when he only just had his 1st real injury issue. However, he has always had this inability to stay at a healthy weight. His dad Cecil Fielder was never in great shape either, and he eventually broke down after having a few solid years. Much like Tulowitzki, Fielder is starting to enter the 2nd part of his prime. He should be able to play more games than a year ago, but it could be time to really start to slide them down the fantasy baseball rankings.


Jose Reyes


Reyes is certainly explosive when healthy, but playing on turf in Toronto certainly does not help him all that much. As you can see, there is a common theme with aging stars in the game. A lot of Reyes’ game relies on speed, and that is slowly going away as well.


Stephen Strasburg


Having Tommy John surgery is no longer a huge red flag for any starting pitcher in baseball. However, constantly complaining about nagging injuries here and there is an issue. Strasburg is coming off his first truly healthy campaign, but the odds of him staying together are not good. He hasn’t pitched well in spring training, and he has been dealing with an ankle injury already. The warning sides are popping up.


CC Sabathia


A few years ago, Sabathia would be a perfectly acceptable pitcher to take in fantasy baseball. These days, he is a complete liability for fantasy owners and the New York Yankees. The crazy thing is, it seems as though getting in better shape actually hurt his ability to pitch at a high level. At 34 years old, he has too much mileage to really count on to stay healthy.

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