Louisville Slugger Stick Pack Bat Pack from Sports Unlimited a Review

baseball-equipment-bag-blank-bat-bag-for-custom-team-logos-and-names_402790I have to admit that when I saw this bag I had my doubts about its usefulness and how much it could hold. But, I can honestly say that I was dead wrong! Not only does it fit more than my traditional baseball bag (like the one shown on the right of this review), but I have room for more. What that will be I’m not quite sure yet, but I’ll make good use of it I’m sure. My old one only holds 2 bats, but sometimes if the top section of the bag was full I would have a difficult time fitting the second bat in the bag. Not with this one, the LS Series 7 Bat Pack holds 4 bats externally. My only complaint about this is that it’s not as easy as I would like for it to be to slip the barrel of the bats in their proper places. On the other hand, where my old bag was cramped with 4 gloves, a few balls, a few odds and ends in it as well as my cleats, this one fits that with ease and with a lot of room to spare! Those features alone are great, but wait … there’s more. It has separated compartments for each item! A front cargo pocket for my cleats, keeping dirt out of the main part of the bag which usually made a smelly mess! Then there’s the main compartment that holds all four gloves, again with room to spare! Have I mentioned how much more room I have in this thing than I did with my old bag? Additionally, there is another section in front for balls, glasses, etc. which has rugged padding for extra protection, hence why I chose to store my glasses in there. In the back, they provide quilt-padded back and shoulder straps, a heavy-duty rubberized handle, dual-vent air flow for the main compartment to prevent that smelly mess from happening in this bag due to sweaty batting gloves and mits. It also has a durable J-style fence hook and as an added feature, a removable personalization sleeve that buttons in place. I’m not sure how that works yet, but I’m interested to find out!

LS Series7All this can be yours for $49.95 at Sports Unlimited by clicking this link. In case you can’t read between the lines, I really like this product and to be honest, I thought it wouldn’t hold as much as it really does and it does it in a compact bundle that, for me, is an added bonus and with 5 kids remaining at home, I need all of the space savings I can get! Stamp this product, BaseballRefections.com approved.

The features that I think are worthy to be highlighted beyond the amount of things it holds (I have said that to death already) is the durable J-style fence hook, the dual vents, the rugged padding in the front section behind the triangular LS logo and back straps that seem to be very easy to manage. All that & it comes in my team colors, another added bonus!

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