2015 MLB World Series: Mets vs. Royals

This is not the match-up I, nor MLB (I’m guessing), would have hoped for as having the Cubs in there would have been classic especially with all of the Back to the Future hype. Not to mention their historic drought since their last World Series! I for one am glad to NOT see the St. Louis Cardinals in there again. Sorry Daniel, my friend, but this, in my opinion, is better for the game as a whole, just not for Cardinals fans.

Here’s an interesting bit of information, back on August 4th, there was an article that listed the Vegas odds of who would win the 2015 World Series and interestingly enough, the Mets were not even in the top five. On the flip side, out of the five teams that they listed, the 4 to 1 odds on favorite to win the 2015 World Series was the KC Royals. The reasons given in the article were their pitching staff, which at the time had the 2nd lowest ERA in the AL, and their excellent team defense. In my opinion, it is that excellent defense that helps to make the pitching staff so successful!

However, there was another, more recent article dated October 18th that listed odds as of October 16th that had both the Blue Jays and the Cubs with better odds at making it to the 2015 World Series, but it did list the Mets as having better odds than the Royals at winning the World Series. I threw that last on in there before I had Mets fans coming at me from all angles.


In my opinion, I think that the reasons that the Vegas odds mentioned, pitching & defense which to me wins games in the post season more so than in the regular season, the emergence of Hosmer, Moustakas and the additions of Morales, Zobrist and Cueto (and probably others I forgot to mention) now put the Royals over the top as favorites to win it this year. Not to mention the invaluable element of the experience of being there just one year ago, learning from that experience, making the necessary adjustments, etc. all add up to the Mets not having a chance this year. Don’t get me wrong, the Mets have earned their position in this game beating the Cubs, but I personally don’t think they can match the Royals, especially seeing how much better Cueto is pitching in the post season as opposed to how he looked down the stretch.  That is despite the Mets acquisition of Cespedes and Gomez, but it is funny to read this article in hind-sight. I just thing the Royals did more and they are getting more bang for their buck on their acquired players.

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