My Favorite Baseball Commercials

With the Super Bowl just two weeks away millions of Americans, without affiliation to either team playing, watch not for the love of the game, but for the commercials. For example, my team is not in the Super Bowl; therefore, I will be most looking forward to watching the super bowl commercials. Some years can be disappointing (as the last few years have been), but some are chock full of fun. Some of my all time favorites have been the Budweiser frog commercials. Which ones are your favorites?

In honor of those commercials and seeing that this is a baseball site (by the way, pitchers and catcher report to Spring Training in about three weeks), here are some of my favorite baseball commercials.

Chicks Dig the Longball: my all time favorite baseball commercial starring Atlanta Brave pitchers Tom Glavine and Greg Maddux

Hit it Here: one of baseball’s newest Hall of Famer’s in his early years

Bo Knows: this isn’t exactly a baseball commercial as much as it is a Bo Jackson commercial, but his baseball persona is one of the main characters throughout

Peter Gammons: I never saw this one before researching this article, but you’ve got to love someone of his stature with a sense of humor like this…

Now Pitching, the Quarterback: this one is listed more because it features Packer’s QB Aaron Rogers and the fact that I like the concept. Please excuse the outdated Brewers ad at the tail end of the commercial.

Which ones are your favorites?

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