Top 10 Reasons to play Baseball

Baseball is one of the most popular games in the USA, if not it’s topmost. Successful professional baseball players end up earning millions throughout their career. Clubs earn even more. The sport is played in all cities of the country. In this article, you shall learn why it is so popular.
A unique game

First of all, this is a game unlike any other! It is true. Unlike American football, where the larger you are, the more advantage you have, in baseball finesse is what gives the advantage. If you can run, throw, bat, and catch, then this is the ideal sport for you. When you see any league game, you will see that they play with a sublime grace. Whether they are pitching or throwing the ball, they are quick. Baseball players have an amazing fitness level.

A team game

You learn to play as part of a team. If you want to show off your skills to the detriment of your team’s performance, then this is not the game for you. There shall be times when you will need to downplay your skills. There shall be times as well when the management shall overlook your skills when it is a question of the team’s victory. If the team wins, so do you and vise versa. While playing baseball, you need a deep level of understanding. There have been legendary tales about the deep understanding level between the pitcher and the catcher.

An outdoor sport

As with any sport, baseball means enjoying yourself outdoors. Today, more and more children are getting addicted to TV, the internet, and their mobile phones. They are almost constantly in a virtual world and have little inkling of how the real world works. Baseball allows them an outlet. It helps kids to develop interpersonal skills. They can develop their own innate talents while getting fit. One of the greatest benefits of playing any sport is that you instantly get attuned to a good nutrition play. Therefore, you develop inside and out, for life.

Builds a sense of accomplishment

Baseball builds a sense of accomplishment in a player. With practice, your hits become more powerful, you can catch better and can throw a ball with more force. You can also learn how to pitch in different ways, which is so essential in this game.

It teaches you to be accountable

Baseball teaches you to be accountable. Was your team’s loss due to your performance in the game? You need to own up instead of arguing with your teammates. Did you miss catches and could have run out the grounder, but did not? No one will see that you have a poor fitness level. They shall only see that you did not perform as well as you should have. If you were busy seeing recordings of the last season before your own game and do not perform well at the game itself, you have only yourself to blame. The more accountable you are, the happier you shall be. Baseball teaches us that if we want to be successful, we need to be accountable, most importantly to ourselves.

Both teams get equal chances

In baseball, it is all about equality. In a game, both teams get their complement of chances. According to the rules, there is no regulation or artificial time limit. What this means is that it is useless to delay or stall the game. If you do so, firstly, you and your team can be penalized of points, and secondly, it will have no effect at all. The game shall run as if nothing has happened. Therefore, it is pointless to spike the ball, fouling and running in areas you are not supposed to. As such, both teams get an equal chance to show their skills. This does not happen in games like football and basketball, where there are concepts of overtime to prolong the agony!

A game that promotes equality

Today, people around the world are pointing fingers at the USA for being a racist country, mainly for demeaning the black population. But games like baseball shows them wrong. This is a game where all are equal. All you need are your skills. In the USA, professional baseball players are African American, Caucasian, Asian and Hispanics. As such, the game’s profile is one of unity in diversity. Regardless of what happens in the rest of the world, in baseball, you shall find real equality, irrespective or religion, and race.

A logical game

Baseball is one of the most logical games there are. For instance, you will not be told to leave the field after your 5th foul. In games like football and basketball, you would have been off the field a long time ago! Compare this to a game like American football. In this game, although it is awesome in its own right, your fabulous kick off shall be called back just because someone on the other side made a foul, a few yards away from where the ball landed. Compared to this, baseball makes a lot more sense.

A game for the brave

This is one sport in which taking a dare pays up. This is one game in which you can “jump” the rules without any penalty, but only if you are successful or are not caught in the act. In some ways, therefore, the game of baseball is like life. In life, we gamble, and either win or don’t. For a game of baseball, you need to have the audacity to take chances. Let’s say that you hit a single, run and have gained the safety of first base, but you want to make a home run! So instead of stopping in all the bases, as is the rule, you can make a run for it to the home base or even beyond that. If you are able to do this, the rewards are great, but if you are caught in the act, you shall be declared out. Therefore, you can “steal” bases, but at your own risk.

The most challenging sport on the planet

If you like challenges, then you’ll be glad to know that baseball is considered to be the most difficult sport on the planet. It requires endurance, finesse, and patience.

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