Tim Tebow Will Attempt Another Comeback, This Time in Baseball

Unsuccessful N.F.L quarterback and current broadcaster at ESPN, Tim Tebow, has decided to pursue a Major League Baseball career. He has scheduled a workout for M.L.B teams at the end of this month, reported ESPN.
Positive feedback from the big names

Tebow last played the sport in 2005 when he hit .494 as a junior. His performance propelled Nease High School to final four of the Florida state playoffs. To catch up on lost time, he has been training and trying to boost his performance in Arizona and Los Angeles for the past 12 months. As an athlete he should try a variety of techniques such as fueling his training by increased carbs, proteins and calcium intake.
The following big names are quite positive about his decision about pursuing another sport as a career:

  • Brodie Van Wagenen, co-head of CAA Baseball, saw Tebow’s workouts and was quite impressed. He commented that the ‘people inside and outside the industry will be impressed with his [Tebow’s] skills’. Wagenen asked the press not treat his statement as a publicity stunt because Tebow really has the talent to make it to a Major League team.
  • Chad Moeller, former M.L.B catcher, agreed with Wagenen’s statement. Moeller also saw one of Tebow’s workouts and was positive about the latter’s potential as a baseball player due to his ‘bat speed and power’.
  • Similarly, Gary Sheffield, all-star outfielder, showed faith in Tebow’s abilities through the above tweet.

While some are skeptical…


Tebow, 29, hasn’t played the game in almost ten years. Many people are, naturally, skeptical about his decision. Recently, he had a tryout with LA Dodgers where, according to sources, a scout was present who showed in interest in the player. The news of his comeback combined with this piece of information created quite an uproar on Twittersphere:

  • According to Jayson Stark, a major league scout director commented on Tebow’s long absence from the game that ‘nobody can recover’ from not playing for almost a decade.
  • Adam Jones, outfielder Orioles, joked that after he is done with the baseball season he should tryout for NFL’s next season as well.
  • Chris Ciaccia, a technology editor at The Street, tweeted that he’d sign Tebow to a minor league just to boost the ticket sale.
  • Similarly, Eric Decker, a former NFL fellow, ‘guaranteed’ Tebow will be signed by a minor league. He believes even that will be a surprise considering how long it has been since he last played.

Blast from the past


After his spectacular performance in HS, it is reported that, two of LA Angels scouts- Tom Kotchman and Stephen Hargett-considered Tebow for the team. However, they never received his information card. They were both sure that had he been serious about baseball at that time then he would have definitely made it to the team.

Even Tebow’s high school coach was sure at the time that he would be scouted for M.L.B. However, Tebow had other plans about his future. He was drafted by Denver Broncos in 2010 that too in the first round. He moved to Jets in 2012 which proved to be his last stop in NFL. After that he was cut loose by two other teams; New England Patriots in 2013 and Philadelphia Eagles in 2015.


What’s next for Tebow?

Tim Tebow has invited all 30 M.L.B teams to his workout at the end of this month. He has been preparing for this event for the past whole year. He has already been offered a contract by Illinois-based minor league team. For now he has his eyes on the major leagues. Everything depends on the big tryout day.

We will be following his attempt to switch to a sport he excelled at in high school. Let’s hope Tebow’s baseball dream lasts longer than his football career.

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