How To Improve Your Swing Power In Baseball


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Hitting the balls with power is one of those things that every baseball player dreams of, but it is important to know that this ability does not come automatically. Players in the Major League make it seems very easy but as good as they might be they did not just develop powerful swings overnight. 

Although some baseball players have a natural talent that makes them splendid with the bat they still have to practice a lot. Many things go into the creation of powerful swings and understanding all of them is the only way to become good. Here are some fantastic tips that will help make your swing more powerful.

#1 Strengthen Your Legs

Although it might appear that your upper body is what does the swinging the fact is that it just delivers the power from your legs to the baseball bat. And so as you start working on ways to improve your swing power the first step should always be to work on your feet and make sure that they have enough strength because it will be vital for good swings. There are many exercises that you can do to strengthen your legs, but the most useful ones are those that involve powerful and multi-joint moves like lunges and squats.

#2 Work on Your Core

Even as you work on strengthening your legs, you should not forget to also work on your core. It is important to remember that the muscles on your lower back, your abs and oblique will be vital for body stabilization and also for delivering the power from your legs to the baseball bat. If your core is not powerful enough, it will compromise the kinetic chain of energy traveling from your feet to the baseball bat and hence making your swing less potent.

#3 Work on the Grip

Your grip is what will connect your hand to the baseball bat, and so it is essential for a powerful swing. Even before you start working on how to hold baseball or fastpitch softball bats, you will need to work on building your forearms and grip. Biceps are what most baseball players will focus on, but it is important to know that they will do little for your swing. And so you should instead concentrate on creating strong wrists and grip because they will add both stability and speed to your swing. When it comes to holding the bat, your coach will give you more than enough tips on how to do it, but the basic idea is to keep the hand loose and to ensure that you line up your knuckles. 

#4 Relax

There are many things that you can do to improve your baseball swing, but relaxation is one of those that most individuals tend to ignore. It is important to relax your body when in the box because it will make it possible for your swing to work. As a baseball player, you should know that tensing up will cause you to swing the bat with your big muscles which will, in turn, affect your speed significantly. Although the big muscles are what will start the process, the forearms and the hands are what will do the actual swinging. Also, relaxing will help you react quickly and not harder which means that you will get more bat speed.

#5 Execute the Swing Well

Even if as a baseball player you do everything else right, you will still not get a perfect swing if you do not execute it well. First, you will need to get the correct stance which should not be hard with a little practice and some help from your coach. The next important step is the actual execution, and for this, you should make sure that you transfer the power from your feet forward smoothly while making sure that you maintain your balance. Generating power from your legs as you swing the bat ensures maximum torque when the bat impacts the ball and hence more energy transfer.

Also, it is important to keep the hands in and close to your body when executing the swing because extending them will slow your bat speed and lead to a decrease in power. Lastly, make sure that you do not over-swing because trying to do it extra hard will cause more harm rather than improve it.

Bottom Line

Working on your core and legs to strengthen them, understanding the fundamentals of a swing and executing it well are the three vital elements that you need for powerful swings. However, it is also important to get as much practice as possible because the more you swing the bat, the better you become at doing it.

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