Book Review: Indians on the Game

Ever wonder what people actually involved with the game say about the topics we, as fans, discuss on a daily basis. Author Wayne Stewart must have as he set out to write his book, Indians on the Game. Presented as, “An inside look at baseball in the words of Cleveland’s favorite players,” Stewart spends a very brief 135 pages quoting players on topics.

In addition to players, Stewart also interjects quotes from grounds crew, broadcasters, coaches, vendors and others who would have more of a first hand experience with the team than those of us sitting at home yelling at the TV.

The first part of the book involves topics surrounding things that take place on the field. Some of those subjects in this section include:

While there aren’t any earth shattering comments, there are certainly some that are pretty interesting, especially if, as a baseball fan, you are familiar with the player and their personality.

The second section of the book focuses on off the field topics. A few of the subjects handled in this section include:

Just as in the first section, there isn’t anything quoted in here that would lead the reader to be amazed by how much insight they just learned. That being said, the book is worth a read, especially at its short length, as the reader picks up different perspectives on the game from those who live and breathe it everyday.

As Stewart was interviewing the players, he attempted to get them to answer a few questions. Some of which include:

  • How do players feel about being booed?
  • What do players do to kill time in the clubhouse?
  • Why don’t managers use the squeeze play much any more?
  • Do players discuss the game with their wives at home?
  • Do players read their own press clippings?

If you’ve ever imagined being a player, you probably have thought about how you would handle some of these personal issues as well.

This is Stewart’s fifth book and was published in 2001 by Gray and Company Publishers in Cleveland, OH.

Baseball Reflections Rating: 2.75/5

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