Top 15 Best Baseball Players of All Time

It’s never easy to rank sportsmen due to how much loyalty these athletes manage to foster. However, certain facts have to be taken into consideration, and, with that in mind, this is a listing of 15 of the best baseball players in the history of the game.

  1. Roger Clemens

Clemens posted Earned Run Averages –or ERAs- below 2.00 in 2 seasons, with a gap of 15 years between them.

  1. Tris Speaker

This outfielder just missed being included in the Top 10, as he has managed to earn a ranking in the Top 9 in both fWAR and rWAR.

  1. Mickey Mantle

During 17 seasons with the Yankees, Mickey Mantle hit a total of 536 runs.

  1. Honus Wagner

Honus Wagner is more widely known for the T206 card that sold for over US$3 million. He is also famous for being the best shortstop of all time.

  1. Stan Musial

Musial reached incredible heights in 1948, when he batted an incredible .376/.450/.702 with a career high of 39 home runs and 11.1 fWAR and rWAR.

  1. Rogers Hornsby

Amongst all baseball hitters who totalled a minimum of 3 000 appearances on the plate, only Ty Cobb beat Hornsby in terms of a higher batting average.

  1. Cy Young

Young’s name is now one and the same with pitching excellence, and, for better or for worse, it is almost impossible to compare any modern pitcher to him.

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  1. Walter Johnson

Had the Cy Young Award been in existence when Walter Johnson was playing, he would have received many thanks to his incredible performances.

  1. Lou Gehrig

Although Gehrig is more commonly associated with the dread disease named after him these days, let it not be forgotten that he thought of himself as the luckiest man on earth.

  1. Ty Cobb

Despite the fact that Ty Cobb lost the all-time record for hits to Rose, he still boasts the game’s best batting average of all time. He is also 2nd in triples, at 295, and in 4th place for stolen bases, with 897 to his name. No Top 10 list would be complete without him.

  1. Hank Aaron

Hank Aaron has a 3rd place ranking in all-time hits, and stands 2nd in terms of home runs.

  1. Ted Williams

As far as being a hitter is concerned, Ted Williams can rest assured that he sure did something right –he is ranked 2nd behind Babe Ruth.

  1. Barry Bonds

Barry Bonds holds the records for both the most home runs ever, with 762, and most homeruns in a single season, with 73.

  1. Willie Mays

Willie Mays stands out as the most well-rounded player in baseball history, moulding choice contact, power, and defence in order to stand as the greatest centre-fielder ever.

  1. Babe Ruth

From 1918 through to 1931, Babe Ruth either led or tied the American League in terms of home runs a total of 12 times. His nickname, the Sultan of Swat, makes more sense when one considers that Ruth hit 692 long balls in that period –where not a single other player managed to break 300.

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