The Best Baseball Movies Ever Made

This list of the best baseball movies is one that has been compiled by fans, and includes classics like The Sandlot and The Natural, and manages to cover the finest films about this great sport that were ever released.

Some of the best and most inspirational films ever made have centred on baseball, with examples of these including The Bad News Bears, The Rookie and Bull Durham. The latter is not just a classic film about baseball; it is also viewed as one of the most excellent romantic comedies to ever have been released.


  1. Field of Dreams

This movie stars Kevin Costner, Ray Liotta and James Earl Jones and revolves around a corn farmer from Iowa who hears voices. He interprets them as an urging to build a baseball diamond on his land, and, when he does so, the Chicago White Sox appear for a game.

  1. The Natural

Featuring Robert Redford, Glenn Close, and Robert Duvall star in this film about an unknown player who appears from nowhere and goes on to become a player that earns legendary status.

  1. Major League

Charlie Sheen, Rene Russo and Tom Berenger appear in this movie about a brand-new team owner of the Cleveland Indians who puts together a squad of really bad players in order to lose them. When they discover her plan, they start winning in order to wreck it. NZ betting sites would have had a field day with players like this!

  1. The Sandlot

Denis Leary, James Earl Jones, and Karen Allen are the actors and actress for this movie which tells of the coming of age of a group of young players in 1962.

  1. Bull Durham

This mix of sport and romance has Tim Robbins, Kevin Costner, and Susan Sarandon delivering fine performances in a film about a baseball fan who begins an affair with a minor-league player, meeting up each season, who then meets a pitcher on the up and up and the seasoned catcher assigned to him.

  1. A League of Their Own

Madonna, Rosie O’Donnell, and Tom Hanks brought this story to life wherein 2 sisters join the world’s 1st pro baseball league for women, and struggle to help it do well as they deal with their own burgeoning rivalry.

  1. Eight Men Out

Charlie Sheen appears on this list once again, and is joined by Christopher Lloyd and John Cusack as they dramatise the Black Sox scandal, where the poorly paid Chicago White Sox players took bribes in order to lose in the World Series of 1919.

  1. Moneyball

Robin Wright, Jonah Hill and Brad Pitt star in this film about Oakland A’s GM, Billy Beane, successfully assembling a good team on a tight budget thanks to making use of computer-generated analyses in order to get new players.

  1. The Bad News Bears

Tatum O’Neal joins Jackie Earle Haley and Walter Matthau for this movie in which an ageing, unlucky, ex minor-league player starts coaching a misfit team for a very competitive little league in California.

  1. The Rookie

This film stars Dennis Quaid, Rachel Griffiths, and Brian Cox, and is based on the true story of a player named Jim Morris, who had a short, but well-known career in the major leagues from 1999 to 2000.


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